Curriculum vitae – Examples, templates, writing guide

Curriculum vitae

When you are hunting for a dream job, it’s essential to have a winning curriculum vitae (or CV for short).

A good curriculum vitae will impress recruiters and ensure that employers are keen to interview you.

This guide will show you some example curriculum vita across multiple industries, and explain how you can write your own interview-winning CV.


Guide contents

  • What is a curriculum vitae?
  • Curriculum vitae examples
  • How to write a curriculum vitae
    • Format and structure
    • Profile / Personal statement
    • Work experience
    • Education


What is a curriculum vitae?

A curriculum vitae is a written document containing your work experience and examples of your skills and knowledge.

It is used when applying for jobs, to show recruiters and hiring managers that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform the roles you are applying for.

A curriculum vitae is normally held in Microsoft Word format and is around 2 pages of A4 in length.

The quality of your curriculum vitae will make or break your chances of getting job interviews, and is likely to be one of the most important documents you ever write in your life.

Fact: Curriculum vitae is a Latin expression which roughly translates to “The course of my life


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Curriculum vitae examples

The best way to understand how to write a winning curriculum vitae, is to look at some real-life examples.

Below I have included a list of 8 curriculum vita from a range of industries.


Administration curriculum vitae

Executive assistant Curriculum Vitae

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Executive assistant Curriculum Vitae page 2

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Notes on this CV

The numbers on this admin curriculum vitae relate to the points below



The profile gives an overview of the candidate’s valuable administration skills, such as organisation and business support.

It also quickly shows recruiters the types of organisation this person has worked for, and the level of seniority they have achieved in terms of admin experience.



The core skills section acts as a snapshot of the candidate’s most valuable admin skills, like diary management and call handling. This allows readers to gather a very quick idea of the candidate’s abilities as soon as the CV is opened.



Roles are well structured to show readers which companies have been worked for and where the candidate sits within the business, before bullet pointing responsibilities.

Responsibilities not only show the input the candidate makes, such as booking travel, sending email comms, and providing front of house service – but they also expand to show what positive effects these actions have on the business (saving time, money etc.)



Older roles are summarised into very short descriptions because most recruiters and employers will not need to know minor details from work carried out years ago – but will still be interested in seeing the candidate’s background.



As this candidate is experienced, their education is kept brief, but highlights qualifications that are relevant to admin roles.

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Customer service curriculum vitae

Customer service Curriculum Vitae


Customer service Curriculum Vitae page 2


Notes on this CV

The numbers on this admin curriculum vitae relate to the points below



The profile instantly shows recruiters this candidate has a wealth of customer service skills such as sales, transaction processing and complaint handling.

It also describes the types of companies they have worked for and customer facing environments they are comfortable working in.



The core skills section shows recruiters a quick snapshot of the candidate’s most in-demand customer service skills like money handling and languages.



Roles are headed with an intro to show what the company does, and where this person sits within the organisation.

Short sharp bullet points detail how the candidate applies their customer service skills to benefit both their employer and customers.

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Education curriculum vitae

Education Curriculum Vitae


Education Curriculum Vitae page 2


Notes on this CV

The numbers on this teaching curriculum vitae relate to the points below



The profile creates a great intro to the candidate so that recruiters can build a picture of their overall skills and knowledge when they first open the document.

It provides a good high level overview of the types of schools the candidate has worked at, year groups they have worked with, along with their teaching specialisms.



The core skills section reiterates the profile and creates a snapshot of the candidate’s most valuable teaching skills such as behaviour management, classroom prep, and SEN support.



Each role description starts with an outline showing readers where the candidate has worked and what the overall goal of each role is.

Bullet pointed responsibilities demonstrate how skills are applied in the workplace to the benefit of students, colleagues and schools.

Points are kept to one line in length, so that the roles can be easily read, and the information digested quickly.

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Junior / Graduate curriculum vitae

Graduate Curriculum Vitae 

Graduate Curriculum Vitae page 2


Notes on this CV

The numbers on this graduate curriculum vitae relate to the points below



As a graduate, this profile summarises the candidates educational background and achievements along with their knowledge of their field, and desire to enter the industry.



The core skills section provides a snapshot of education, extra-curricular activities and knowledge that relates to the roles they are applying for.

They have also included an extra “Ongoing pursuits” section to highlight projects they have been involved with which relate to target roles - a great way to catch the eye of busy recruiters when you have little or no experience,



This graduate doesn’t have much work experience which relates to their degree or chosen career path, so they have used role descriptions to demonstrate general workplace skills like planning, organisation, customer service etc.



Education is extremely important in graduate recruitment, so this candidate has included plenty of detail on their qualifications, courses, modules and results.



Hobbies and interests are an optional section for your curriculum vitae, but when you have little or no experience, they can be an excellent way to showcase skills and passion for your field.



IT curriculum vitae

IT Curriculum Vitae 

IT Curriculum Vitae page 2


Notes on this CV

The numbers on this IT curriculum vitae relate to the points below



The profile gives a round up of the candidate's technical skills and knowledge, such as 1st line support, IT infrastructure, business systems and networking – but also explains how these skills help to support business functions.



Core skills show a snapshot of technical expertise so recruiters can quickly asses the candidates capabilities.



Role descriptions start with an outline which details the business of the employer and what the candidate’s overall role function is.

Bullet pointed responsibilities show how the candidate applies their technical knowledge to install, maintain, upgrade and support business critical IT systems. They have also added some quantified achievements which prove the impact they make in the workplace.



Manager curriculum vitae

Manager Curriculum Vitae 

Manager Curriculum Vitae page 2


Notes on this CV

The numbers on this manager curriculum vitae relate to the points below



The profile shows readers a quick round up of important management credentials, like length of managerial experience, industry exposure and specific management skills.



The core skills provide a quick-fire list of the candidates most valuable abilities such as team management and supplier management.



Roles are structured in the following way:

Outline – Summary of the company, where the candidate is positioned within the business and the overall goal of the job to build context.

Responsibilities – Short bullet pointed sentences that describe the skills and actions implemented within the role.

Achievements – Selected results that the candidate has achieved for the business, backed up with facts and figures.



Project worker curriculum vitae

Project manager curriculum vitae


Project manager curriculum vitae page 2


Notes on this CV

The numbers on this project manager curriculum vitae relate to the points below



The profile quickly shows recruiters the industries this project manager operates in, along with the types of projects they lead, with some indications of project size and scale.



Core skills give readers a snapshot of the candidate’s technical project management skills within their specialism of IT and some essential PM skills like planning and implementation.



Roles start with an intro which gives an outline of the project scope and budget to set the scene for recruiters reading the CV.

Responsibilities show how the candidate uses their skills to drive the project forward, and the role is rounded up with quantified achievements.

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Sales curriculum vitae

Sales curriculum vitae


Sale curriculum vitae page 2


Notes on this CV

The numbers on this sales curriculum vitae relate to the points below



This sales profile grabs recruiters’ attention by showcasing the candidates’ length of sales experience and types of products and services they are able to sell.



Core skills reiterate the candidates most valuable skills to create a big first impression.



Roles are split up into a brief intro to build context, followed by bullet pointed responsibilities and some highlighted sales achievements to prove their value.



Professional awards at the bottom of the curriculum vitae provide further achievements made by the candidate.



How to write a curriculum vitae

Now that you’ve seen some examples/samples of good curriculum vita, I will walk you through how to write your own CV.


Format and structure

The infographic below shows you the sections required in your curriculum vitae, and how they should be ordered.

It also gives some pointers on format and styling.


CV diagram


Try to keep the document looking as simple as possible and don’t’ over complicate it with elaborate fonts, bright colours or images.

The key is to provide an easy and pleasurable reading experience with a formal appearance.



Profile / Personal statement

Your profile or personal statement should sit at the top of your curriculum vitae, and it’s aim is to catch the attention of busy recruiters and encourage them to read the rest of your CV.


CV profile


It should be brief, and include information on your experience, skills and knowledge that relate to the jobs you are applying for.



Work experience

List your previous jobs in reverse chronological order to show potential employers how you contribute in the workplace.


CV roles

Tip: If you have no work experience, you can always add voluntary roles or school work placements to compensate.

Structure your roles like the example below to make them easy to read and highlight the most important information.






Round your curriculum vitae up by detailing your education and qualifications.

If you have lots of qualifications, cut out anything that isn’t relevant to your target roles.

There is no need to add references to your CV as employers should only ask for them at offer stage.


Writing your curriculum vitae

Hopefully this guide along with examples, has given you a good steer on how to write your own curriculum vitae.

Essentially you need to create a strong logical structure which allows readers to find the information they need, and format the document to look flawlessly professional.

Head the curriculum vitae with an eye-catching profile and use your role descriptions to prove your competence.

Before you start writing, it’s always best to research your target roles, so that you know what your potential employers are looking for in a candidate.

You will also need to craft a strong cover letter to ensure your curriculum gets opened when you apply for roles.

Good luck with the job search!


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