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Interview-winning CV templates for all industries and experience levels


A modern CV template with a professional yet eye-catching look

Inspired by the towering sky scrapers and rich history of the English capital, the London CV template is stylish and professional. With a colour-changeable side bar and simple-but-effective layout, this template provides an elegant look and a pleasant reading experience for hiring managers.

Photo available: yes
Colour-changeable: yes
Layout: 2 columns
ATS friendly: Yes


A minimalist single-column CV template with custom colour options

If you want to opt for something simple, a Traditional template is your best bet. Your key CV sections are separated by title headers in the colour of your choosing, and you can add a profile photo if you wish. With just one column to fill out, it’s ideal for any career stage or industry.

Photo available: yes
Colour-changeable: yes
Layout: 1 column
ATS friendly: Yes


A colourful, yet professional & modern CV template

The Optimo template keeps things minimalist, while still allowing you to personalise your CV by choosing an engaging colour block for the header. This elegant template splits up your CV sections with colour-block title headings, making it easy to navigate for any recruiter or hiring manager. 

Photo available: yes
Colour-changeable: yes
Layout: 1 column
ATS friendly: Yes


A sophisticated two-column CV template for all professions.

The Paris CV template is ideal if you want to achieve style and readability in your CV without cutting corners. By offering two columns, you’re able to separate your contact information from your key CV sections, and the template has an elegant style to reflect your own.

Photo available: yes
Colour-changeable: yes
Layout: 2 columns
ATS friendly: Yes


An eye-catching CV template with a contemporary design.

The Pinnacle template combines simplicity with the option to colour-customise your CV headings. This professional template comes with a large header space for your job title and an optional photo, and provides you with a single column layout for easy reading.

Photo available: yes
Colour-changeable: yes
Layout: 1 column
ATS friendly: Yes


A simple, single-column CV template for easy reading.

The Everest template is ideal if you want to focus less on your job title and more on your professional achievements and work experience. With a compact header for your contact information, the rest of your CV is separated by bold colour blocks to facilitate easy navigation and highlight key info.

Photo available: yes
Colour-changeable: yes
Layout: 1 column
ATS friendly: Yes


Creative and colourful with a professional appearance.

The Tokyo template is perfect if you want to add a splash of colour to your CV and catch the attention of hiring managers. With an engaging block header, the one-column Tokyo template splits your CV sections with colourful titles, making it simple to fill in and easy for recruiters to read. 

Photo available: yes
Colour-changeable: yes
Layout: 1 column
ATS friendly: Yes


A lively vibrant CV template that stands out from the crowd.

The Hoxton CV template is perfect for those who are looking to make an impact and retain a high level of professionalism and detail to prospective employers – perfect for those in the creative and tech industries.

Photo available: yes
Colour-changeable: yes
Layout: 1 column
ATS friendly: Yes


A simple CV template with elegant design touches

The Auckland CV template balance simple readability with modern graphic design in the form of cool icons to divide each section of the document, to ensure that you capture recruiters attention and get your message across effectively.

Photo available: yes
Colour-changeable: yes
Layout: 1 column
ATS friendly: Yes


A classic CV template with a modern twist

The Skyline CV template allows you to achieve a modern yet professional look with a simple layout and the addition of a right side coloured column to add your contact details and core skills.

Photo available: yes
Colour-changeable: yes
Layout: 2 column
ATS friendly: Yes

What is a CV template?

A CV template is a preformatted document that allows you to create a professional, elegant, and easy to read CV easily. CV templates take care of all the design, formatting, styling and structure, leaving you to focus on the all-important content

You can find CV templates in all different colours, designs, and styles.

The utility of a CV template is twofold: not only will using one speed up how much time you spend writing your CV, but it also allows you to highlight your key work experience and achievements in a proven, structured way. 

All CV templates will come with pre-formatted CV sections for you to fill out, so you won’t need to worry about leaving out any important information. You can use all of the above CV templates in our CV builder, and each one has been designed by recruitment experts with extensive knowledge of the job market.

Student CV template

Student CV Template

Perfect for students aiming to get entry level jobs


Modern CV template

Modern CV Template

Try something unconventional with our modern CV templates


Retail CV template

Retail CV Template

Perfect for landing your next dream retail job


Part-time CV template

Part-Time CV Template

Land your perfect part-time role with a simple CV


How to use a CV template

If you want to boost your chances of an interview with a CV template, you’re in luck, because they’re incredibly simple to use.

To use a CV template, all you need to do is fill in the pre-formatted sections as with information about yourself and your previous jobs. Our CV builder even has pre-written content you can add to overcome writer’s block and speed up the process.

Once your CV is complete, make sure to double check for any spelling errors or missing information, before downloading your CV in your chosen format. 

Once you have a CV template, you’ll be able to customise it as often as you like and update it when necessary. This makes it easy to tailor your CVs to different job applications. 

School leaver CV template

School Leaver CV Template

Easy-to-use CV templates for school leavers


Graduate CV template

Graduate CV Template

Land your first post-uni job with an impressive graduate CV


Professional CV template

Professional CV Template

Simple, elegant CV templates for career professionals


Teaching CV template

Teaching CV Template

Show off your classroom skills with a teaching CV


Should I use a CV template?

It’s always a good idea to use a CV template, as you’ll be able to ensure that the most important information on your CV is highlighted and accessible to those reading it. CV templates also add a touch of professionalism to your application, especially if you use a sleek, elegant design.

A template will also speed up the process of creating your CV, because you don’t have to worry about creating the structure or design elements.

Using a CV template also ensures that your job application won’t get side-lined via an ATS (application tracking system.) Most companies now use an ATS to filter applicants, and you don’t want to miss out on incredible job opportunities just because your CV isn’t formatted correctly.

Project Manager CV

Project Manager CV Template

Show off your leadership skills with our PM templates


Admin CV template

Admin CV Template

Simple CV templates built for admin and secretarial roles


Academic CV template

Academic CV Template

Kick off your academic career with an impressive CV


Finance CV template

Finance CV Template

Advance your finance career with templates that highlight your skills


What makes StandOut CV’s templates so good?

Aside from offering a wide range of elegant styles, here are just a few other reasons to choose one of our CV templates:

  • Created by recruitment experts – We’ve spent years reading thousands of CVs – so we know what a good one looks like! 
  • Structured for easy-reading – Each CV template follows a logical structure and format, with separate CV sections for easy navigation. This makes it easier for recruiters to digest your information and shortlist you for the right jobs.
  • Professional and attractive designs – We offer a wide range of elegant, professional designs to suit all professions and aesthetic preferences.
  • ATS friendly – All our CV templates are ATS friendly, so you don’t need to worry about your applications being filtered out by an automated tracking system.
  • Tons of extra features – From photos to colour & font options, custom sections to contact details, we offer several extra features for customisation.

No experience CV template

No Experience CV Template

No experience? No problem – get started with our easy templates


Sales CV template

Sales CV Template

Sell your skills with an expert-designed Sales CV


Customer service CV

Customer Service CV Template

Create a CV that shows off your customer service skills


IT CV template

IT CV Template

Perfect for bagging your next IT or tech job


What is the best CV template to use?

When it comes to picking the best CV template, there’s no “best” option – it all comes down to your work experience, your profession, and your own personal taste.

For example, someone in a traditional industry like banking or law. might opt for a simple black and white CV template with no frills –  but, those in the creative industries might want to opt for a CV template that allows photo integration and lots of bright coloured features. In short, it’s about what works best for you and your potential employers.

How to structure a CV

When it comes to structuring a CV, you want to ensure that the most important information -i.e. your work experience and professional achievements – are simple to locate and easy to read. In general, the structure of your CV should look a little something like this:

  • Header and contact information 
  • Professional profile
  • Core skills
  • Career summary / work experience (including professional achievements)
  • Education
  • Additional information (awards, valuable non-academic skills, Hobbies and interests)

While the structure may vary slightly depending on your chosen template and your work experience, your CV should include all of the information above, and it should ideally be condensed into easy-to-read bullet points and short sentences. 

How to format a CV

Your CV should always be formatted to facilitate easy reading – if your achievements are tied up in large blocks of unending text, it’s almost as if they aren’t there at all!  

To provide an easy reading experience for hiring managers, you should split up your CV into different CV sections, which can be divided up either by headers or titles. You should ensure that headings are big and bold, and that text is broken up into bullet points for skim-reading.

The font should be clean and simple, with black text on a white background to ensure the info is easy to comprehend.