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When writing your CV, its vital to have a solid example of a good CV for guidance and inspiration.

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CV icon   CV tip #1: Do your research

Before you start writing your CV, you need to know what your target employers are looking for in a candidate. Hit the job boards and scan through plenty of relevant job adverts to learn exactly what skills and experience will impress them.


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CV icon   CV tip #2: Write a powerful profile

The profile is the introductory paragraph that sits a the top of your CV. It’s the first thing that a recruiter will see when they open your CV, so make sure it grabs their attention by highlighting your in-demand talents.



CV icon   CV tip #3: Keep it simple

Your CV needs to look professional and be easy for busy recruiters and hiring managers to read. Achieve this by using simple, clear formatting and don’t overcomplicate the page with wacky design features.



CV icon   CV tip #4: Structure the page

A messy CV with no structure will leave employers confused. Divide your CV into clear sections and layout each section to provide readers with a document that is easy to navigate and understand.

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CV icon   CV tip #5: Show your impact

Show employers the benefits of hiring you by demonstrating the impact you have made in previous roles. E.g. Have you won new customers? Reduced company spending? Improved a work process?



CV icon   CV tip #6: Keep it to 2 pages

Ideally your CV should be around 2 pages long. 1 page probably won’t provide enough detail, and 3 pages or more could be overwhelming.

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CV icon   CV tip #7: Break text up

Long sections of unbroken text are a reader’s worst nightmare. Break up the text in your CV into short paragraphs and bullet points  – this will make it easier for time-strapped recruiters to digest the information.


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CV icon   CV tip #8: Use numbers

Include numbers throughout your CV to quantify the scale and impact of your work. E.g. Leading a team of 10, managing a budget of £5,000 or increasing sales by 10%.



CV icon   CV tip #9: Add a professional title

Head your CV with a professional title (such as Finance expert or Law graduate). Match this closely to your target jobs to give an instant appearance of suitability.