CV advice

Learn how to create an effective CV and get more job interviews

How to write a CV

How to write a CV

The most in-depth CV writing guide on the web, showing you everything you need to write an interview-winning CV

7 CV formatting tips

CV formatting tips that will help you to highlight your in-demand skills, hold recruiters’ attention and get more interviews

63 vital CV skills

63 valuable skills that employers love to see on candidate CVs

How to structure a CV

CV structure cover

Learn how to create a structure that gives recruiters what they want to see, when they want to see it

How long should a CV be?

CV length

Find out exactly how long your CV should be in order to keep recruiters interested

Achievements for your CV

CV achievements

How to add achievements to your CV and 11 examples of impressive achievements that will wow employers

25 CV profile examples

CV profile example

25 real-life CV profile examples, demonstrating how to grab recruiters’ attention in today’s crowded job market

Writing a CV profile

How to write CV profile

A comprehensive guide to writing a powerful introductory CV profile that will get you noticed by recruiters and employers

39 damaging CV mistakes

CV mistakes

39 mistakes that could see your CV get overlooked or rejected by recruiters

Should you add references?

CV references

Why you shouldn’t add references to your CV, and what you should do instead

CV hobbies & interests

CV hobbies and interests

Should you add your hobbies to your CV? If so, which ones and how? Including 8 good hobby examples

10 personal statements

CV personal statement

10 examples of real-life CV personal statements to help junior job seekers land interviews

32 CV writing tips

CV writing tips
32 simple but effective CV writing tips that will help you to attract more recruiters and get more interviews

What to include in a CV

What to include in CV

6 essential elements you must include in your CV, to provide employers with the information they need to view you as a viable candidate 

37 CV keywords

CV key words

37 powerful keywords for your CV that will demonstrate your value and show employers the benefits of hiring you

13 CV layout tips

CV layout

How to layout your CV for maximum impact on recruiters with 13 easy-to-implement tips

Best CV fonts

Best CV fonts

A review of the 15 best fonts for your CV and what font types you should use for your profession