Catering Assistant cover letter examples

Are you looking for an exciting and fast-paced position as a catering assistant?

If you’ve got what it takes to support the catering team with food prep, cooking, cleaning and more, then you’ve got the recipe for success.

Now all you need is to get the recruiter’s attention and we’ll show you how to do just that with our catering assistant cover letter examples and top writing tips in the guide below.




Catering Assistant cover letter example 1

Catering Assistant cover letter 1


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Catering Assistant cover letter example 2

Catering Assistant cover letter 2


Catering Assistant cover letter example 3

Catering Assistant cover letter 3



These 3 Catering Assistant cover letter examples should provide you with a good steer on how to write your own cover letter, and the general structure to follow.

Our simple step-by-step guide below provides some more detailed advice on how you can craft a winning cover letter for yourself, that will ensure your CV gets opened.


How to write a Catering Assistant cover letter

A simple step-by-step guide to writing your very own winning cover letter.


How to write a cover letter


Write your cover letter in the body of an email/message

You should write your cover letter in the body of the email (or messaging system if sending via a job board) and never attach it as a document.

The reason for this?

You want your cover letter to start connecting with the recruiter from the moment they open your application.

If they have to open a document to read it, it will slow things down and they may not even bother to open it.


Write cover letter in body of email


Start with a friendly greeting

Cover letter address


To build an instant connection with the recruiter reading your cover letter, start with a warm greeting.

It should be friendly but not casual – keeping it professional at all times.

  • Hi, hope you’re well
  • Hi [insert recruiter name]
  • Hi [insert department/team name]

Avoid overly formal greetings like “Dear sir/madam” unless applying to very traditional companies.


How to find the contact’s name?

Addressing the recruitment contact by name is an excellent way to start building a strong relationship. If it is not listed in the job advert, try these methods to find it.

  • Check out the company website and look at their About page. If you see a hiring manager, HR person or internal recruiter, use their name. You could also try to figure out who would be your manager in the role and use their name.
  • Head to LinkedIn, search for the company and scan through the list of employees. Most professionals are on LinkedIn these days, so this is a good bet.


Identify the role you are applying for

Once you’ve opened up the cover letter with a warm greeting to start building a relationship, it is time to identify which role you want to apply for.

Recruiters are often managing multiple vacancies, so you need to ensure you apply to the correct one.

Be very specific and use a reference number if you can find one.

  • I am interested in applying for the position of Catering Assistant with your company.
  • I would like to apply for the role of Sales assistant (Ref: 406f57393)
  • I would like to express my interest in the customer service vacancy within your retail department
  • I saw your advert for a junior project manager on Reed and would like to apply for the role.



Highlight your suitability

The sole objective of your cover letter is to motivate recruiters into to opening your CV. And you achieve this by quickly explaining your suitability to the roles you are applying for.

Take a look at the job descriptions you are applying to, and make note of the most important skills and qualifications being asked for.

Then, when crafting your cover letter, make your suitability the central focus.

Explain why you are the best qualified candidate, and why you are so well suited to carry out the job.

This will give recruiters all the encouragement they need to open your CV and consider you for the job.


Cover letter tips


Keep it short and sharp

When sending a job application to a recruiter or hiring manager, it is important to remember that they will normally be very busy and pushed for time.

Therefore, you need to get you message across to them quickly (in a matter of seconds ideally). So, keep your cover letter short and to-the-point. A long waffling cover letter will overwhelm recruiters when they are running through hundreds of emails in there inbox, but a concise one will get their attention.

So, keep your cover letter to just a few sentences long, and save the extensive detail for your CV.


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Sign off professionally

To round of your CV, you should sign off with a professional signature.

This will give your cover letter a slick appearance and also give the recruiter all of the necessary contact information they need to get in touch with you.

The information to add should include:

  • A friendly sign off – e.g. “Kindest regards”
  • Your full name
  • Phone number (one you can answer quickly)
  • Email address


  • Profession title
  • Professional social network –  e.g. LinkedIn


Here is an example signature;


Warm regards,

Jill North
IT Project Manager

Quick tip: To save yourself from having to write your signature every time you send a job application, you can save it within your email drafts, or on a separate documents that you could copy in.


Email signatures


What to include in your Catering Assistant cover letter

Your Catering Assistant cover letter will be unique to your situation, but there are certain content guidelines you should stick to for best results.

To attract and entice recruiters, stick with the following key subjects in your cover letter – adapting them to fit your profession and target jobs.

  • Your professional experience – Employers will be keen to know if your experience is suitable for the job you are applying to, so provide a good summary of it in your cover letter.
  • Your qualifications and education – Highlight your most relevant and high-level of qualification, especially if they are essential to the job.
  • The positive impact you have made – Employers love to hear about the benefits you can bring to them, so shout about anything impressive you have done, such as saving money or improving processes.
  • Your reasons for leaving – Use a few words of your cover letter to explain why you are leaving your current job and ensure you avoid any negative reasons.
  • Your availability – Let recruiters know when you can start a new job. Are you immediately available, or do you have a month notice period?


Catering Assistant cover letter templates

Copy and paste these Catering Assistant cover letter templates to get a head start on your own.


Template 1

Dear Joanna,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to apply for the Catering Assistant position at Markson Catering. As a dedicated and customer-oriented Waitress with 4 years of experience in high-end event environments, I am confident in my ability to deliver exceptional service in fast-paced catering settings.

In my current role at Elegant Events Catering, I have set up banquet rooms for up to 300 guests, arranged tables and decorations to perfection, and promptly served guests with accuracy. My attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction have resulted in an impressive average satisfaction rating of 95% based on post-event surveys in 2022. Moreover, I streamlined the drinks ordering process, reducing wait times by 20%.

Prior to this, I excelled as a Waitress at 5th Street, an Italian restaurant, where I provided high-quality service and suggested the implementation of a successful Drink & Dinner deal, increasing the average check amount by 9%. I hold a Level 3 Food Hygiene certification and am dedicated to maintaining a clean and organised work area to ensure a positive dining experience for guests.

Thank you for your consideration and I am available for an interview at your convenience.

Kind regards,

Hattie De Loire ¦ 07777777777 ¦


Template 2

Hi Sunni,

I hope this email finds you well. With 3 years of experience in the hospitality industry and a proven track record of delivering exceptional service, I am thrilled to apply for the position of Catering Assistant at Delightful Dining and I am confident in my ability to contribute to your team’s success.

At MX Catering, I efficiently managed table setups and served guests at upscale events with up to 200 attendees. My strong attention to detail and ability to handle high-pressure situations ensured seamless event execution with 95% positive review from clients in 2021 and 2022. I possess excellent interpersonal skills, enabling me to communicate effectively with clients and ensure their needs are met. My Level 3 Food Hygiene Certificate and proficiency with POS and digital inventory systems allows me to contribute to efficient and hygienic operations whilst reducing waste.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my experience and skills further in an interview, which I am available for at your convenience.

Best Wishes,

Scott Johnson ¦ 07777777777 ¦


Template 3

Hey Steven,

I trust you are well.

I am writing to apply for the position of Senior Catering Assistant at Elite Events Catering. With 8 years of experience in providing exceptional service at high-profile events, I am confident in my ability to elevate your catering operations.

In my current role as Catering Assistant at Grand Occasions, I manage a team of 15, coordinating seamless event setups for up to 500 guests. My excellent organisational skills and ability to think on my feet enable me to handle last-minute changes and ensure smooth event execution. I am skilled in managing inventory, reducing costs by 15% through efficient stock management during my previous role at The Grand Hotel. Moreover, my expertise in handling VIP clients led to a 25% increase in repeat business in 2018.

I would welcome the opportunity to contribute my leadership and skills to the team at Elite Events Catering. I am available for an interview from next week.

Kind regards,

Mikey Tyler ¦ 07777777777 ¦


Writing an impressive cover letter is a crucial step in landing a Catering Assistant job, so taking the time to perfect it is well worth while.

By following the tips and examples above you will be able to create an eye-catching cover letter that will wow recruiters and ensure your CV gets read – leading to more job interviews for you.

Good luck with your job search!