Call centre CV example

Call centre CV example

When you’re searching for call centre jobs, you need a CV that makes a good impression on call centre managers.

A strong CV structure will aid recruiters in easily pinpointing your marketable skills and core experience.

So, I’ve produced this comprehensive guide, which contains an example call centre CV, to teach you how to write a CV that will land you plenty of interviews.


Guide contents

  • Call centre CV example
  • Structuring and formatting your CV
  • Writing your CV profile
  • Detailing work experience
  • Your education
  • Skills required for your call centre CV



Call centre CV example

Call centre CV page 1


Call centre CV page 2


This CV example showcases how to correctly structure your CV, making your related experience a focal point, highlighting your suitability to recruiters quickly.

I'll now guide you through how to write your own attention grabbing CV.



Call centre CV structure & format

Your CV should be a balance between great content and a well-defined and visually pleasing CV structure.

Adopt a format that enables recruiters to simply flow through your experience and promotes ease of reading.

This infographic gives you the tools to craft an engaging format, teaching you what sections you need to be including within your CV.


CV structure


Formatting Tips

  • Keep your CV design professional, using a muted colour pallet and a clear to read font
  • Avoid adding any imagery such as company logos or headshots, these take up space without adding any value
  • Your CV should be a maximum length of two sides of A4, enough space to sell yourself without it becoming tedious to read
  • Break up large blocks of text, enabling ease of reading through the usage of bullet points, bold headers and defined sections


Structuring your CV

If you're looking to engage recruiters' attention, you need to be adopting a clear structure, breaking content into the below sections:

  • Contact details – make your contact information easily accessible at the top of the page
  • Profile – an opening paragraph that summarises the skills, experience and qualifications that make you the ideal candidate for call centre vacancies
  • Work experience / Career history – document your work experience in reverse chronological order
  • Education detailing your qualifications, specifically those most pertinent to the industry
  • Interest and hobbies – this is an optional section that can be used to boost your relevancy for the sector.

As this guide continues, I'll walk you through how to produce each of these sections.



CV Contact Details

CV contact details


Start your CV with your contact details, so recruiters can easily reach you.

Include only essential information:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Location
  • Add a link to your LinkedIn profile if applicable

Quick Tip: Only essential information is needed in this section, so avoid adding information such as marital status, your date of birth or your full home address.



Call centre CV Profile

A CV profile is a 5-10 line paragraph at the top of your CV, which features the core skills, qualifications and experience that make you an ideal candidate for the industry.

Your profile acts as your first impression, so you need to sell yourself, tailoring your experience to the call centre sector.


CV profile


Consider these tips when creating your profile:

  • Research the call centre industry prior to crafting this section, look to customise your profile by using key words, matching yourself to the sector
  • Keep to a paragraph length of 5-10 lines, grabbing recruiters' attention in a concise opening, allowing you to elaborate elsewhere in your CV
  • Be unique in your descriptions, avoid adding cliche and overused phrases such as "I always give 110%", these add nothing to your application


What to include in your call centre CV profile?

  • Call centre qualifications – NVQs in Customer Service? Apprenticeships in Sales?
  • Call centre skills – Customer service skills? Knowledge of CRMs? Ability to use switchboard systems or chatbot software?
  • Level of your experience Whether you are new to the industry, have helped support with new recruits or even have team leader experience
  • Service and products worked with - Have you worked in insurance? Home service sales? Mobile phone contracts?


Core skills section

Beneath your CV profile include a core skills section comprised of two to three columns of bullet points, listing your most marketable skills.

Allowing recruiters to see your applicableness for roles, without them having to dig through your CV.


Core skills


Use your sector specific research to tailor the skills you're including within this section.



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Work experience/Career history

Record your career history in reverse chronological order, commencing with your most recent or current position.


CV work experience


The space within your CV is valuable so reserve more room for your most recent or relevant positions, for older or less related positions look to only include a short description.

Include all experience such as voluntary work experience, internships, placements or full time/part time jobs.


Structuring your roles

Facilitate ease of reading with a well-defined CV structure, which pinpoints key elements of your experience.

Break each role description into the below three sections.


Role descriptions



Give recruiters an insight into your role by detailing the role you assumed, the company you worked for and even the department you were part of.


“Working as a sales agent within an insurance call centre in Birmingham, supporting customers with their household insurance queries.”


Key responsibilities

Use bullet points to detail your core duties, including any additional responsibilities undertaken.


  • Responding to customer queries through the chat-bot system
  • Looking to upsell additional insurance policies based on customer requirements


Key achievements

Detail the value you added within an organisation by providing your key achievements.

Use figures to strengthen your examples.


  • Achieved 100% quality assurance three months in a row




Commence your educational section with qualifications that are required for the call centre industry.

Look to include qualifications such as NVQs in Sales or Customer Service or any courses in IT.

If you have room, look to also incorporate qualifications such as A Levels, GCSE's, Degrees or vocational courses.



Interests and hobbies 

This is an additional section that isn't mandatory but can be used to boost your relevancy for call centre roles.

Avoid generic hobbies such as socialising and instead tailor your hobbies to the competencies needed in the industry.

For example, hobbies such as sport involvement showcase great communication skills, team work and organisation.



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Essential skills for your call centre CV

Each call centre role may require a slightly different skill set but there are core competencies you should be including in your CV.


Product knowledge – Understanding the product you're selling or the service you're supporting customers with

Negotiation skills – Whether selling a product or looking to retain customers within the organisation

Ability to deal with difficult situations – Having the capacity to calm down situations that are escalating, supporting customer complaints 

Database/CRM skills – Ability to use a variety of software, being able to accurately record information from calls

Social Media knowledge – With more customers turning to social media, responding to queries via chat boxes or social media comments is a vital skill



Writing your call centre CV

When you're looking for new roles, your CV is your first impression and it needs to be strong.

A clear structure will help you demonstrate your marketable strengths, highlighting your relevancy for call centre roles.

By using this guide you'll be able to create a killer CV that will aid you in securing plenty of interviews.

Good luck with your job search.