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Job Hunter Survey 2016

As a job hunter, you are probably sick and tired of reading articles that tell you what recruiters demand to see in your CV and how employers expect you to behave in interviews…

But what about your thoughts and opinions?


What is it like to be a candidate in today’s job market?

Is it easy to land a job nowadays?

How are candidates treated by recruiters and employers?


Does anybody even care what job hunters think?

Well we do… So we have surveyed over 1,000 UK job hunters to find out your opinions of the job market in 2016.


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What did we learn?

The 31 question survey covers everything from CVs and job applications, through to interviews and feedback, so we’ve gathered a fair amount of data.

We also made sure that we had a fair spread of demographics to ensure that the make-up of the survey reflected the UK population roughly in terms of earnings, employment, sex and age.

So here is what we’ve learnt about candidates’ thoughts on the UK job market


Getting a job is not easy

Tired Job Hunter

The days of sending off one CV to your dream employer and starting work with them the next week are well and truly over.

Our results found that whilst it’s obviously not impossible to land a job, it can be tough out there.

The average job seeker spends 6.5 hours per week searching for a new role (nearly a whole working day)

They apply for 16 jobs per week and it usually takes 27 job applications to secure 1 job interview.

So it’s not surprising that 26% of the candidates we surveyed, find job hunting extremely stressful

Among the most stressful elements of job hunting are:

  • Dealing with recruiters
  • Finding time to look for jobs
  • Getting time off for interviews


Candidates don’t feel they get a great service from recruiters

Unhappy candidates

Recruiters play a vital role in the employment game and often face many challenges in securing the best talent for hiring managers.

But our results showed that job hunters don’t feel they are getting a great deal in the candidate-recruiter relationship.

The main issue that faces candidates is a lack of response from recruiters when applying for jobs, with only 23% of candidates being confident that they will get any kind of response when applying for jobs.


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It seems to be the norm for unsuccessful applications to be ignored rather than responded to and declined, with 76% of candidates saying they rarely get a response to inform them when they have been unsuccessful.

In fact, not one candidate from the 1,000 surveyed claimed to receive a response from every job they apply for.

89% of candidates feel that employers should be doing more to provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants – and feedback is valued because 58% of job hunters find it very helpful.

In summary, 67% of candidates are not happy with the service they receive from recruiters.


Interviews are generally well run

Good job interview

With 78% of candidates feeling that employers prepare them well for interviews, and 81% feeling that interviewers make an effort to make them feel comfortable; much of the interview process runs smoothly.

However, only 28% of job hunters are happy with the flexibility that employers offer when it comes to arranging job interviews, with 72% feeling that feeling interviewers aren’t understanding of their current work commitments.

Upon arriving to an interview, most candidates do not have to wait longer than 14 minutes to be seen by the interviewer but 18% have to wait longer than 20 minutes.


Once employers have found the right candidate, they act quickly

One key finding from our questions about job interviews, is that 90% of job offers are made within 1 week of your final interview.

And if you are still waiting for that offer after 2 weeks, there is only a 3% chance that it will happen.


CV expectations are still unclear

CV Questions

With only 47% of candidates confident that they have a strong CV and 32% of people finding it very difficult to write their own CV, it’s fair to say that many candidates are still unsure on CV writing guidelines.

And the education system doesn’t appear to be helping much…

Only 8% of people surveyed were taught about CV writing during their education and 90% think that schools should be doing more to prepare young people to write a CV and find jobs.

76% of people turn to their friends for help with their CV with only 15% finding online CV advice very helpful.


People still lie on their CVs… And some get away with it

18% of those surveyed admitted to lying on their CV with the most popular fibs being exaggerated exam grades and role responsibilities

Very few candidates were prepared to go as far as adding a whole job that they never had or lie about IT system knowledge.

Of those who admitted to lying on their CV, 73% claim to have gotten away with it scot-free.

And for the minority who did get caught lying, 3 in every 10 of them say it had no negative consequence to their application.


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