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Entry jobs

Entry Level Jobs Statistics & Report

How many ‘entry-level’ job listings actually require no experience? Our study reveals which industries are the hardest to break into.

Leadership UK

Leadership statistics in the UK

Who is leading big business in the UK? What skills and education do they have? where do they come from? How much are they paid? Research & analysis

Ghost jobs

Ghost Job Listings in the UK

How many non-existent jobs are being advertised? And why are recruiters and employers advertising them?

Remote working

Remote working statistics UK

How many people work from home in UK? Who are they, how do they work, and how are employers adapting to the new ways of working

Great resignation USA

The Great Resignation

Why are record numbers of employees quitting their jobs? Study and analysis

Employee theft

Employee theft in the UK

How many people get caught stealing from their employers in the UK and which are the worst regions for company theft?


Graduate Statistics for the UK

How many people graduate each year, how many of them are employed, and how much do they earn? All this data & more

Employee monitoring UK

Employee monitoring statistics

Is your boss spying on you? The rise of employee monitoring software and the intrusive feature being added to them

Gig economy

Gig Economy Statistics UK

All the important numbers surrounding the gig economy, including how many people work in it, how much money it’s worth and more