Job Application Tracker Spreadsheet

Free download for organising your job search to success

If you want to land your next big career move, you need to be organised – so I’ve got you covered.

Stay on top of your job hunt with our free job application tracker spreadsheet – downloadable in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Track job adverts, recruiter contacts, interview dates and more to ensure you chase down every last opportunity and secure that job.



Job application tracker spreadsheet


Never miss an opportunity

  • Record every job you apply for – Ensure that you follow up each application through to interview stage or gather constructive feedback.
  • Know when to follow up – Older application dates will turn to red in the spreadsheet, guiding you on how long to wait and indicating that it might be time to follow up with a call or email.
  • Stay on the ball – Review your applications regularly to ensure that you are prepared when you receive response calls from recruiters.
  • Store vital contacts – Record the names and contact details of hiring managers and recruiters in your field permanently.


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Downloading the tracker with Microsoft Excel

If you have a Microsoft operating system and the Excel application, downloading the job application tracker could not be easier.

Simply download to your device, save it somewhere you can access remotely (like a cloud drive) and you can access and edit right away.


Downloading the tracker with Google Sheets

If you access the Google Sheets version of the tracker, you need to create your own copy of it to save to your Google account before you can edit it.

You will need a One Google account (if you don’t already have one, they are free and simple to set up) to save your copy of the tracker to.

Once you have accessed the Google Sheets Tracker, you must click “File” then “Make a copy” to create your own personal copy – there are also instructions inside the spreadsheet.

Here is a more detailed guide on using the Google Sheets tracker, if you need it.


Tips for tracking your job applications

Tracking the jobs you apply for and monitoring the progress you make with them, is hugely beneficial to securing job interviews.

Here are some tips for tracking your applications through to success.

  • Track everything – Even if you apply for a job quickly on the train to work, make sure you track it. Every job you apply for is potentially your next big opportunity, so don’t forget about it.
  • Review regularly – Read your tracker every few days so that you have a good awareness of which jobs you have applied for ; this will help you to get through initial conversations when recruiters call you.
  • Follow up with non-responders – Ensure that you follow up with applications that you have not heard back from, roughly one week after. The tracker spreadsheet will turn the job row red when it’s time to follow up.