Job Application Tracker Spreadsheet

Andrew Fennell Andrew Fennell

If you want to land your next big career move, you need to be organised – so I’ve got you covered.

Stay on top of your job hunt with our free job application tracker spreadsheet – downloadable in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Track job adverts, recruiter contacts, interview dates and more to ensure you chase down every last opportunity and secure that job.


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Never miss an opportunity

  • Record every job you apply for and ensure that you follow up each application through to interview stage or gather constructive feedback.
  • Older application dates will turn to red in the spreadsheet, guiding you on how long to wait and indicating that it might be time to follow up with a call or email.
  • Review your applications regularly to ensure that you are prepared when you receive response calls from recruiters.


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Using your Job Application Tracker with Excel or Google Sheets

  • When you download our job application tracker we will send you both the Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets version.
  • If you have Microsoft Excel then simply download the Excel version, save to your desktop and get started straight away.
  • If you don’t have Microsoft Excel, you can download the Google Sheets version which is accessible from the majority of desktop devices. All you need is a One Google account (free and simple to set up) and then you have to save a copy of the spreadsheet to your account.

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