How to chase up a job application (with template)

How to follow up a job application

You see an advert for the perfect job and eagerly apply…

But then days go by and you don’t hear anything back….

This is a frustrating reality for a lot of job seekers, but it doesn’t mean you should give up.

Sometimes a polite follow up is enough to spark interest in your CV and reignite your application.

Just because you haven’t received a call back, doesn’t mean you’re not right for the role.

Your CV may have just been missed or is still sitting unopened in an overflowing inbox.

So here’s how to follow up on applications and get noticed without being too pushy.



Wait a few days

Wait a whilw

Chasing an application too soon can seem a little bit forceful so don’t jump in too soon

I personally think about 3-5 days is long enough to justify the need to chase up.



Find the recruiter’s email address or LinkedIn

When you have applied for a job via a job website you should get a confirmation email that contains the recruiter's contact details.

If the email contains the recruiter’s direct email then great, you can use that

If not, you can look their name up on LinkedIn where you may find their email address or just message them directly.

And if you really can’t find any direct method of contact – just use the company’s generic mailbox.



Send a polite email like this one

Most recruiters will probably receive hundreds of emails per day, so the trick to a good follow up email, is to be friendly, empathise with them a little and keep it brief.



Hi (name)

Sorry to chase you, as I know you must have lots of applications to deal with

But, I just wanted to ask if you had managed to take a look at my CV that I emailed over on (date)?

I am particularly interested in this role because (insert some reasons why you would be a good fit for the role – skills, experience etc.)

I have re-attached my CV here and am available to speak ASAP

Hope to hear from you


(Phone number)


If you have some outstanding applications that you were hoping to get a response from, why not try following them up today – it could lead to your next interview.

You can also download our free job application tracker spreadsheet to stay on top of your applications.


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