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CV creator

If you want to land that dream job, you need a strong CV.

But creating your own CV from scratch can be difficult.

Using an online CV creator can take away a lot of the hard work, and allow you to create a professional CV in a matter of minutes.

You simply enter the information they ask for, and they take care of the format and structure, creating a polished CV for you.

But with so many CV creators on the market, which one will get you the best results?

We’ve tried and tested the 9 best CV creators on the web, and provided you with an honest review on each one.


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CV creator 1 – CV2You               

CV 2 You

CV2you is a user-friendly CV builder that contains 3 different CV formats


Getting started

The set up process is straight-forward with one click you’re taken directly to creating your CV.



CV2You is super easy to use, with everything seen in one screen enabling you to add sections and edit text, even giving you the freedom to remove anything that isn’t working.


CV 2 you template


However, with all this freedom it could lead to you accidentally spoiling the overall format.


CV template quality

This CV builder contains 3 separate CV templates, all of which are clearly structured and have simple designs enable readability and all have content suggestions.


CV 2 you template


Like some other CV builders it does require you to upload a profile picture which isn’t needed and does waste valuable space but it does offer the ability to bullet point, highlight key skills sections and have a professional header.



All functions are free to use.


Downloading the final CV document

To download you must sign up through one social media channel and you can only get the option to download in PDF.



Email support is offered for free.


Overall rating

It’s simple to create a professional CV but the big headshot does overwhelm the otherwise strong CV.

However, well worth a try if you need a CV quickly.

Try CV2you



CV creator 2 – Online CV            

Online CV

Online CV is a CV builder you’re able to use on any device, which provides expert advice and CV examples.


Getting started

Start the process by answering some questions about your experience level and selecting from their 11 templates, then the next step is to set up an account using your email address and making a password.

You’ll then quickly begin the process of putting together your CV with minimal fuss.



The builder is easy to navigate and the functions are simple to manoeuvre between.

The template appears in the middle of the screen, allowing you to easily change the text and remove any sections as required. 


Online CV user


If you need further support, a generic tip section appears as you’re editing each section providing examples for inspiration, but be sure to read carefully as the advice differs between what’s needed for Europe, the UK and USA.


CV template quality

Select from 11 designs which you can swap between at any point in the process, with the designs all being simple and concise.


Online CV template


You have the freedom to remove sections but in terms of the colour pallet and overall design you have limited ability to adjust.



You can start a basic package for £0.95 for 14 days access but for a year’s subscription for £71.40 you’ll get access to more templates and unlimited CV advice, although the standard package would be sufficient for most job seekers.

The 14 day access does automatically renew to a £19.95 monthly subscription if not cancelled.


Downloading the final CV document


Once completed you can download your CV into PDF for a fee, which is limiting when it comes to later edits.



There is an FAQ’s section and available support via email.


Overall rating

The designs are professional and come with some CV writing tips that can support you in creating a basic CV template but unfortunately the editing is limited even in the paid option.

As you can’t edit once downloaded you are constrained when attempting to customise your CV.

Try Online CV



CV creator 3 – CV help               

CV help

CV Help is an online CV builder, which incorporates built in examples and CV writing tips.


Getting started

By launching “Create your CV”, you’re given the opportunity to select from a variety of CV templates.

You’ll be given the chance to upload a CV or start from scratch.



The overall usability is good as you’re walked through each step of the process, a small preview of the CV is visible on the right hand side of the screen throughout your edits.


CV help user


The advice given is slim, meaning additional CV writing research is most likely needed if you’re new to CV writing.

In the work experience section, you’re able to insert pre-written duties from a list of examples and adapt to your job role which is useful if you’re struggling to word your responsibilities.


CV template quality

The templates are well-structured and stick to the core sections required in a CV, avoiding the over-complicated designs of some other CV builders.


CV help templates


After you have filled out each section, you can adapt the font, font size and even the paragraph and margin width to make it more visually pleasing but you aren’t able to control the colour pallet.

The overall designs are basic but functional. 



You can chose between 14 day access and a monthly subscription, starting at £1.90 (for 14 days) up to £65.40 (yearly cost).

If you do choose the 14 day access remember this automatically renews to a monthly subscription.


Downloading the final document

You can download your CV to PDF, Word or even a web page, the system also allows you to email your CV and print, however all these functions are paid for.



Support is available via phone, email and through an online chat box.


Overall rating

The designs are basic but adequate and as you are able to download to Word you could customise outside of the CV Builder.

The option to add examples is beneficial but for the price more ability to customise your CV would be expected.

Try CV help




CV creator 4 – Kick Resume                  

Kick resume

Kickresume allows you to build CVs, cover letters and even produce a personal website.  


Getting started

Getting started is easy, just go to the homepage and select a design from their extensive range.


Kick resume start


The designs labelled pro are the paid for versions.



The functions are intuitive within the CV builder and the ability to preview the CV at any time makes editing simple.


Kick resume usability


Template quality

There is a selection of attention grabbing CVs but additional items such as icons, company logos, elaborate headings and photos contribute to space in your CV being wasted.


Kick resume CV template


The templates often overlook basic structure elements needed to help you land an interview.

The designs are over-complicated and due too much freedom when producing the role descriptions the structure could be overlooked which would make it difficult for recruiters to navigate your experience.



There are both a free version and paid for features available with this CV builder.

At a cost of £12 per month you get access to more CV designs, cover letter templates, email support as well as a personal website but the free version would probably be enough for most job seekers.


Downloading the final document

CV format

You’re required to sign up via social media or email before you can download.

Then downloads are limited to a PDF version only which does limit you with future editing.



Email support is available but only in the paid for version.


Overall rating

There are a variety of features with Kick Resume, but the structure and design of the templates does let the CV builder down.

You’ll be able to create a good looking design, but the focus is too much on making your CV look good rather than the CV content and winning interviews.

Try Kickresume




CV creator 5 – Perfect CV           

Perfect CV

My Perfect CV is a CV builder that also offers cover letter templates and access to a job search function.


Getting started

Set up is quick and simple, by clicking “Create my CV” you’re able to select a CV design from their list.

You’ll be asked brief questions about your experience level and the industry you’re in prior to going into the CV editor.



You can either start from scratch with a design or upload an existing CV into the builder.


Perfect CV user


Completing each section step by step is easy with advice given below to support you in writing your CV, you’re also able to preview the final design in the side bar throughout the process.

The CV advice is basic and unfortunately you’re required to include unnecessary information such as full address, as you’re unable to skip this section.

However, if you need extra inspiration the CV builder contains suggestions of duties to include within your role descriptions.


Template quality

There are a range of designs, most of which are simplistic and focus more on the content of your CV.


Perfect CV templates


You can add additional sections if applicable but overall you’re limited with the amends you can make to the design and structure of the CV.  

However, it’s easy to change the template at any stage of the process if you’re unhappy with the design.



My Perfect CV only has a paid for version if you want to download your CV to PDF or Word, starting at £2.95 for a 14 day access or monthly access for £4.95 (on a 12-month contract) that gives you access to cover letters.

However, be aware this automatically renews if you don’t cancel after 14 days to £16.95 billed every 4 weeks.


Downloading the final document

You can download your CV in several formats such as PDF and Word allowing you full control of your CV after producing – but this is a paid for service.



There is a free support number available as well as a support section on the website for commonly asked questions.


Overall rating

Overall, this CV builder produces a simple, concise and professional CV with basic advice and suggestions to help you write your own attention grabbing CV.

However, you will need to pay for the privilege if you want to download. 

Try Perfect CV



CV creator 6 – Visual CV             

Visual CV

With apparently almost 1 million users, Visual CV offers a range of designs to produce a creative CV.


Getting started

It may not be as easy as some other CV builders but the process does only take a few steps.


Visual CV starting


Commencing with creating an account with your email address and setting up a password before choosing to upload a current CV or start over.

Then you’ll be able to select from a series of templates before creating your CV.



An easy to use CV builder that allows you to preview your design as you edit and a handy side panel allowing you to adapt colours, fonts and page breaks.


Visual CV user


You are able to navigate the CV design whilst adding text and sections.

There are a huge selection of styles but some are more difficult to complete if you have limited work experience.


Template quality

There is a range of designs, with more available to premium users, however with all this choice there are definitely good and bad options.


Visual CV templates


Stick to the simple templates is the best advice, as these designs look more professional and have a clearer structure.

The more advanced designs aren’t as well structured and can come across over complicated, with wasted space and room for unnecessary details such as profile pictures.

This CV builder also includes content examples which can give you some inspiration of what to place within each section.



Visual CV offers both a free and premium version.

The free version offers a PDF download whereas the premium version has more template options.

At £10 per month, you will get some additional features but none will be overly beneficial to your job search.


Downloading the final document


You can download to PDF for free but this means that editing isn’t easy outside the CV builder.



Support via email is available for both free and paid versions.


Overall rating

This builder is definitely user-friendly and creates a professional CV, but the best CVs come from the simple templates, however I’d suggest doing your own CV writing research prior to using the system.

Try VisualCV



CV creator 7 – Reed CV builder             

Reed CV builder

Reed is currently the only UK Job Board to offer a CV builder, making it easy to produce a CV and apply for roles all in one place.


Getting started

The set up process isn’t a quick one.


CV signup


Firstly, you’ll need to register your email address and set up a password before completing several data fields.



Overall the process is slow as you work through adding information into each section while skipping through each page, and no guidance is given on what type of information to include within each section.


Reed CV usability


Unfortunately you aren’t able to preview the finish product neither are you able to contribute to the design of your CV.


Template quality

The design is professional and concise which is a positive but if you have limited CV writing experience then the lack of guidance could hinder you when trying to write a CV that stands out.


Reed CV template


Although the final CV does facilitate ease of reading, there is wasted space such as at the top of the page where the builder insists on you adding your full address which isn’t required.



This CV builder is free to use.


Downloading the final document

Word CV

The CV can be downloaded to Word making editing easier and if you happy with the finished product you can upload to the Reed database.



Reed doesn’t seem to offer any support for their CV builder.


Overall rating

The positives include free usage and the ability to download in Word but the tiresome sign up process and limited control make producing an eye-catching CV difficult.

Try Reed CV builder



CV creator 8 – Barclays CV builder         

Barclays CV builder

Barclays is now offering a CV builder as part of their Life Skills initiative which focuses on supporting young people gain their dream career.

But just because it’s set up by Barclays doesn’t mean you have to be one of their customers to access this service.


Getting started

The signup process is extensive for this CV builder and as you’d probably imagine from a bank some of the information doesn’t seem to be necessary.


CV signup Barclays


You’re given the opportunity to connect your social media accounts (Facebook or Twitter) allowing the CV builder to auto-populate some sections of your CV.

However, if you’re not keen mixing your social media with your CV you’re able to skip this section.



The system isn’t the easiest to navigate and creating an effective CV design can be difficult as there is no preview of how the final CV will look.

You’re asked to go through a series of pages and enter information but until the whole process is completed you aren’t able to see where this information will be displayed.


Barclays CV usability 


In addition to the prolonged process, the CV advice provided is inadequate.

The system insists on providing a CV headshot and gives suggestions such as listing your hobbies in your profile or detailing a list of clichés to use in your CV – which are big CV no go’s.


Template quality

The first time you’ll see your CV is once it’s downloaded, which can lead to disappointment.


Barclays CV template


With limited control over the design and structure, you get left with huge margins on the top and sides of your CV.

This wasted space means your CV can be a lot longer than needed which can led to recruiters losing interest when scrolling through your details.

Barclays have also added some additional sections such as transferable and practical skills which are better off placed within your role descriptions rather than adding as an extra section.



It’s completely free to use.


Downloading the final document

It’s simple to download your CV into Word making editing a breeze.

However, when you download your CV that will be the first time you’ll see the design so you might need to go back into the builder to revise.



Barclays doesn’t provide any official support for the CV builder.

Though as you’re going through the building process there is some CV advice, admittedly which isn’t the best.


Overall rating

Due to the poor advice imbedded into this CV builder and the long-winded set up process, this would be a CV builder to side-step.

Try Barclays CV builder



CV creator 9 – Your CV builder                

Your CV builder

Your CV Builder provides a CV builder, template cover letters as well as an option to apply for roles directly on the site.


Getting started

It only takes a few minutes to get started, just simply fill in a few fields.



This CV builder has an intuitive usability but due to it not having a preview of your design, it can become difficult to see where your text will appear or how the information you’ve entered will be displayed.

Overall control of the end product is limited and sadly there is no guidance on what content you should include.


Template quality

This CV builder concentrates on the aesthetics of your CV rather than focusing on a clear and concise layout that allows employers to navigate your experience.


Your CV builder templates


This CV builder offers a variety of CV designs but some of the layout aren’t conducive to a professional CV meaning large amounts of space are lost in key areas.



It’s absolutely free to use.


Downloading the final document

CV fomrats

It’s easy to download your finish product into PDF, however as you’re unable to download to Word you’re limited when trying to edit your CV outside the builder.



Unfortunately Your CV builder doesn’t offer user support.


Overall rating

The usability and free access makes this CV builder satisfactory, though the CV isn’t ideal as you are unable to edit the final product and basically the format is poor. 


Try YourCVbuilder