Housekeeper job description

Housekeepers are employed to clean and maintain private residences or commercial properties such as hotels and hospitals, providing a sanitary and comfortable environment for their employers.

In addition to cleaning bathrooms, bedrooms and communal spaces, housekeepers may also be required to change bedding, do laundry and keep stock of cleaning supplies and equipment.

Our detailed guide provides all the information you need about the role of a housekeeper, including a full sample job description, salary ranges and a list of the skills and qualifications a housekeeper needs.


Guide contents

  • Housekeeper job description
  • How much do housekeepers earn?
  • What does a housekeeper do?
  • Requirements, skills and qualifications
  • Who employs housekeepers?
  • Which junior jobs progress to housekeeper roles?



Housekeeper job description

Housekeeper |Twilight Residential Home


About Twilight Residential Home

Here at Twilight Residential Home, we make sure your loved one enjoys the final years of their life in a safe, comfortable environment. Our highly-experienced team of professionals offer quality care, while our facilities provide residents with private ensuite rooms.


About the role

We are looking for an experienced housekeeper who will keep our facilities spotlessly clean and well maintained. By cleaning residents’ rooms and shared areas, the housekeeper will contribute to our goal of creating a welcoming and safe space for both residents and visitors.



  • Undertaking a range of daily cleaning activities including sweeping, dusting, vacuuming and mopping
  • Inspecting residents’ rooms and communal areas to ensure they are tidy and well maintained, including disposing of waste
  • Performing regular inventory checks in shared bathrooms and replacing consumables when required
  • Overseeing the laundry service and daily changing of residents’ beds, including ironing and pressing
  • Protecting and maintaining cleaning equipment and reporting any damage to the centre supervisor
  • Ensuring high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained at all times
  • Responding efficiently to urgent requests such as spillages, so that safety is restored in a timely manner


Location & commitments

  • Permanent, full-time position (35 hours)
  • Based in Harrogate
  • Some shift work may be required, including occasional evenings and weekends


Candidate requirements


  • Proven experience as a housekeeper or within a similar cleaning environment
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision and demonstrate initiative and flexibility
  • Compassionate and caring nature, with the desire to provide comfort to our live-in guests
  • Knowledge of health and safety policies and procedures
  • Knowledge of cleaning and sanitation products and methods, including cleaning of sensitive materials


  • Experience in  environment
  • A good standard of GCSE’s or equivalent


Contact us to apply

Please contact our general manager Ruth Jackson if you’d like more information, or email your application to


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How much do housekeepers earn?

Housekeepers typically earn a salary of £20,536 with opportunities to progress.


Housekeeper salaries in the UK

  • Low: £16,622
  • Average: £20,536
  • High: £25,000

Source: TotalJobs


Housekeeper salaries can vary based on;

  • The type of premises being maintained – e.g. is it a private residence, a hotel or a commercial property?
  • The type of employment – e.g. is it a live-in position with board and meals included, or a day job?
  • General salary factors – g. location, specialist skills and working hours

For example, domestic housekeepers may be well paid by their private employers who value discretion and loyalty over a long period of time. Whereas housekeepers working within large hotel chains may earn a casual, hourly rate or a lower annual salary.


What does a housekeeper do?

Below is a list of the typical tasks and responsibilities that housekeepers carry out, based on the job description;

  • Cleaning and sanitising – Performing a range of cleaning duties including mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, dusting and polishing a range of surfaces
  • Room upkeep – Making beds, changing linens, removing waste and re-stocking any supplies such as toiletries or other consumables
  • Monitoring stock – Maintaining stock levels of cleaning supplies and ordering more as needed
  • Maintaining equipment – Storing and caring for cleaning equipment, replacing or repairing when required
  • Quality control – Ensuring all cleaning work adheres to appropriate safety and sanitary standards
  • Laundry management – Sorting, washing and ironing laundry
  • Updating supervisors – Escalating any major issues or repairs to the management team to be resolved


What do housekeepers need?

candidate requirements

Housekeepers need a combination of technical knowledge and “soft” skills to be able to effectively carry out their duties.

The exact specifications for each role will depend on the employer, the industry and venue, but here is an overview of what’s typically required.




Junior housekeepers won’t necessarily need to have direct experience working as a housekeeper, but should demonstrate enthusiasm, integrity and a willingness to learn. Employers may recruit housekeepers straight from high school with limited professional working experience.

Intermediate to senior housekeeper roles will require candidates to show prior experience working in a commercial or domestic position. Some roles will seek experience working for a particular type of employer, for example a healthcare setting or hotel.


Housekeeper skills

This list details the “soft” skills required to perform the role of a housekeeper and should be considered in conjunction with the manual and technical skills.

  • Attention to detail – Ensuring all cleaning work is carried out to an exceptional standard
  • Initiative – The ability to be a self-starter and identify opportunities to add value for employers, over and above set daily cleaning tasks
  • Customer focus – Strong communication skills with the ability to deliver on the customer’s requirements every time
  • Reliability – Demonstrating good time management skills and always delivering agreed tasks in the required time frame
  • Integrity – Displaying honesty, ethics and discretion while performing cleaning duties
  • Technical knowledge – Possessing knowledge of cleaning methods and techniques, as well as sanitation products


Housekeeper qualifications

There are no mandatory qualifications for the job of a housekeeper, although many employers will ask for a high school diploma.

Most commercial employers will have their own training schemes and guidelines for staff, while domestic employers will set out their expectations when bringing on new people.


Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Housekeeping

The level 2 NVQ course is designed for people working in the hospitality industry. It includes core topics like effective team work, safe, hygienic and secure working environments and cleaning and servicing. Students can then go on to choose from optional units such as maintaining housekeeping supplies and giving customers a positive impression. There are no entry qualifications for this certificate.


What is expected of housekeepers?

Generally, housekeepers will be expected to commit to the following;

  • Unsociable hours – (35 – 40 hours per week) sometimes outside business hours depending on the employer
  • Possibility of live-in work – in domestic housekeeping positions
  • Location – Can be in a commercial setting, a hotel or a private residence


Housekeeper benefits

Depending on the industry and type of employer, benefits can include:

  • Pension
  • Healthcare
  • Seasonal bonuses
  • Subsidised rent and board – for live-in housekeepers
  • Staff discounts – at hotels for rooms and meals



Who employs housekeepers?


Housekeepers are most commonly employed by businesses or individuals with large residential or leisure properties, who require a high standard of cleanliness and maintenance for their guests/residents.

Typical housekeeper employers include organisations such as:

  • Hotels
  • Leisure centres
  • Hospitals
  • Residential homes
  • Government
  • Private home owners – Usually wealthy families


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Which junior jobs progress to housekeeper roles?

While it’s not essential to have a significant amount of experience to get a job as a housekeeper, one of these roles may be a good jumping off point:



Hotel or chamber maids often work in large organisations within the hospitality industry. Their day-to-day tasks have little variation, and usually involve tidying and cleaning guest rooms. They may report into housekeeper or house manager, so there is opportunity to learn from their supervisors and progress within the same organisation.


A cleaner may work on a more casual basis for a number of different employers, spending only a few hours per day in a single premise. Cleaners are often self-employed or work for agencies who allocate work to them. As cleaners, they build knowledge and experience working with a range of clients and industries, which puts them in a good position when applying for a more senior housekeeping role.


Which senior jobs do housekeepers progress to?

Housekeepers can use their jobs to progress within a private household or within the hospitality industry, into jobs such as:


Executive or Head Housekeeper

This role is responsible for overseeing a team of housekeepers or other domestic staff. Their remit extends to the full running of a household or venue and can include recruitment and training of team members.


Housekeeper job description – conclusion

Housekeeper is a challenging but fulfilling job that is typically in high demand.

A career in housekeeping offers the possibility of working across a range of industries and meeting interesting people, and the chance to progress into supervisor roles.