Customer success story

Eamon Devlin | Career Changer

Eamon D success

“I’m getting great
feedback on my CV”

Eamon’s challenge

“After many years in my current industry, I knew it was time for a change – but I knew switching careers wouldn’t be easy.

I hadn’t updated my CV in a while and my old one frankly looked appalling!

I was struggling to get the right kind of key words into my CV that would attract the new type of employers I was aiming for.

In addition to this, I couldn’t manage to create a format that looked professional, but was also simple to read.”

How the StandOut CV builder helped

“Finding this CV builder was a huge relief. The templates are great, it was very easy to use and gave helpful tips on what to include when trying to break into a new industry.

I used a lot of the example text provided and inserted my own skills and experience where needed, which sped up the process and helped me to sell myself in a new job market.

I loved the fact you could see the CV as it was being built and adjust the formatting as you went along.”

Eamon’s results

“I am much more confident with my CV because the new template has made it look ten times better than my old one, and the language and key words are getting me past the automated application systems that most companies use nowadays.

I’ve not bagged any interviews yet but its early days and I’m certainly getting great feedback on the CV from recruiters I’ve sent it to. Which is not bad, considering I am applying for jobs I have no experience in”