CV builder affiliate program

Earn 30% subscription revenue share – Lifetime commissions

Help your audience to create interview-winning CVs and build a healthy long-term revenue stream for your business.

30 percent revenue share

30% revenue share

Earn 30% on each referral signup you make + all monthly subscription fees.

Lifetime commissions

Lifetime commissions

Refer once – get paid for life. Once you refer a customer to us, you will earn a commission every time we collect a free from them – forever.

60 day cookie window

60 day cookie window

Ensure you are attributed for all of the sales you generate.

Monthly pay-outs

Monthly pay outs

Direct payment at the end of every month

High conversion rate

High conversion rate

We are a trusted brand with millions of website visitors, great TrustPilot reviews and regular press coverage – this helps us in converting a high percentage of users into lifelong customers.

Affiliate support

Affiliate support

We treat all of our affiliates like partners and provide ongoing support from content creation coaching to cash bonuses.

5X your commission revenue with lifetime revenue sharing

If you join a flat-fee signup affiliate program (like many of our competitors offer) your revenue will stay flat.

By joining our lifetime revenue share program, your revenue will grow every month (even if your audience doesn’t)

This graph shows how our lifetime revenue program compares to a typical £12-per-signup program offered by most other CV builders. The model is based on an affiliate sending a fixed amount of signups per month (e.g. 100 per month)

Lifetime revenue VS flat fee

As you grow your pool of paying subscribers every month,
your monthly revenue grows with them.

After your first year in the program, you will double the monthly
revenue you would have earned on a flat fee program… and after 3 years, you
will be earning 5 times more revenue.

Benefits of a lifetime revenue share

  • Maximise your revenue potential – Vastly higher earning potential than flat-fee signup programs – especially over the long-term
  • Revenue protection – If you have a bad month (or three) and your traffic drops drastically – your revenue will not. Your existing subscriber payouts will continue to generate revenue for you.

What kind of affiliates see the most success with our program?

Any person or organisation who have active visitors to CV writing or job search advice content will be able to generate plenty of referrals with this program. Some of the best platforms are:

  • Careers advice websites, YouTube channels, podcasts etc.
  • Careers advisor social media influencers
  • Job websites
  • Student websites and other student platforms
  • Professional industry websites (e.g. sites for project managers or lawyers)

Ultimately any platform with an audience who can create CV advice content will be able to drive referrals and earn revenue through the program.

Get in touch today

Send us an email to and tell us:

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  • The topic of your site or channel 
  • Estimated monthly traffic
We look forward to working with you!

How we help our partner’s succeed

We don’t just throw you an affiliate link and wish you good luck – we do everything we can to help our partners succeed and build a sustainable long-term revenue stream with us.

  • Advert images and video content – We provide you high-converting advertising material to place on your web-property
  • Content creation advice – If you want to know how to create lots of high-converting CV advice content ; we’ll be happy to jump on a call and show you how we do it.
  • Bonuses for top performers – Cash prizes for affiliates who succeed in promoting our brand the most.
  • Revenue tracking – See how much you’re earning in real-time and track payouts in your own affiliate dashboard.