Top ten interview mistakes students make

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Interviews. They are never fun and let’s face it, we would rather not do them! Students are human and, of course, mistakes happen. Discover what mistakes students commonly make and how to avoid them.


Not enough research.

One of the biggest impacting mistakes a student can make. Not only does it display a high level of ‘I-don’t-give-a-damn-attitude’, but allows the interviewer to make a swift decision not to hire you.

How do you change this? You research! Take a look at the company’s mission statement, understand what they do. Scan through recent articles and take a look on their website. Voila! You become well equipped for the interview, shining with confidence to answer any question the person fires at you.


Misjudgement of what to wear.

We are living in an ever-changing world, where office cultures are tackling the norms that suits and shirts are no longer welcome. However, some students still think it is acceptable to stroll into an interview wearing tatty jeans, a creased shirt and dirty trainers. First impressions count, so by undergoing research you will know what dress code is accepted and if you still don’t know - ask!


Not asking questions.

Trust me, I have been in the same situation. The interview is finally over and all you can think of is escaping out of their small, cold room as quick as you can. However, the interviewer begs the question, “do you have any questions”? To which you reply, “No”. Asking demonstrates a general interest in the role, which the interviewer will definitely consider. Be warned, do not ask questions regarding wages, holidays and break times as this is something that is included in the job description. Below are just a few easy questions you can ask!


  1. What are the next steps?
  2. Can you tell me what you enjoy most about this role?
  3. What does a typical day look like at (Company Name)?


Turning up hungover.

Students night are cheap, but this is self-explanatory.


Not getting enough sleep.

There is nothing worse than getting a mediocre 2-3 hours sleep the night before an interview. Try and rest easy, wake up fresh the next day, eat breakfast and take general care of yourself. Sound mind, sound body.


Not enough eye contact.

Maintaining eye contact is an easy way to show the interviewer you are confident in not only in yourself but the answers you are giving. Purposely avoiding eye contact shows rudeness, nervousness and a level of distrust; attributes a company do not want.


Poor body language.

Action speaks louder than words. Professor Mehrabian coined the now famous term that communication is made up from a minor 7% verbal and a staggering 93% non-verbal. The components of non-verbal include body language (55%) and tone of voice (38%). In essence, take care when you are sitting in the room with your arms crossed and your back slouched. Instead, display open body language, sit straight, slightly forward and place your hands on top of your knees.


Avoiding words “Ummm” “Like”

I’m from Essex, so this is, like, a really hard thing for me. But try and avoid those awkward filler words when thinking of an answer. It doesn’t sound too great!



Yep, can’t believe I am writing this one but there have been situations where candidates stroll in, using their phone or their generic ringtone goes off midway. There is nothing worse or more unprofessional than that. Be careful!






Megan Bryant is an Online Marketer at StudentJob UK. Looking for a job to fund your student lifestyle? Check out more of our application tips and get hired.

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