Top 5 CV Skills for Copywriting Jobs

February 22 2018, 0 Comments

Copywriter CV skills

You probably already know what a copywriter is – the person behind the text advertising a product or brand. But who is a copywriter? What sort of person do you have to be to achieve success in the profession? Here are five skills that you’ll want to develop if you’re considering a career as a copywriter. With these boxes ticked, you’ll be well on your way.



This will come as no surprise, but if you want to be a copywriter, you have to be able to write. Clarity is important, as is a firm grasp of grammar, spelling and punctuation. (How many times have you cringed at a misplaced apostrophe in an advertisement or sign?) But copy shouldn’t just be clear and mistake-free: it needs to be interesting too. A copywriter has to be able to get a consumer excited about a product or brand, and that means crafting something that’s going to hold their attention and capture their imagination.



Capturing a consumer’s imagination requires you to have an imagination of your own. In order to write for someone, you need to be able to see through their eyes. Imagination is a prerequisite for empathy, and empathy is a must for copywriters – there’s no way around it. Marketing is all about understanding what makes people tick. Copywriters aren’t psychologists, but psychology informs much of what they do.  



Copywriters aren’t expected to magically transport themselves into the consumer’s mind without knowing anything about them. As a copywriter, you’ll be looking at the findings of surveys, focus groups and academic studies to get an understanding of your target market. You’ll also need to ensure that you know your product or brand inside and out –  only then will you be able to identify what makes it uniquely appealing. And sometimes, that’s going to be different from what the client had in mind.



Online advertising is a big deal, and the last decade or so has seen a proliferation of digital marketing agencies. Being a citizen of the world wide web is going to make you vastly more employable as a copywriter. These days, it’s a good idea for a copywriter to have at least a basic grasp of concepts like SEO, and to be comfortable with the use of social media and blogging platforms. Thankfully, you can turn to the internet itself to become conversant with digital marketing strategies. There’s a pleasing symmetry to using a search engine to look up how marketers use search engines!



Copywriters need to be versatile, to speak in various voices, adopt various styles, and of course, deal with various products. Copy comes in many forms, from push notifications to print brochures to television and radio advertisements. Being comfortable with several of these is going to increase your chances of employment. You don’t need to master all tones, styles, products and media; the trick is just not to be a one-trick pony.    


There’s much more to being a copywriter than these skills, but without them, you might find yourself struggling. With them, you have a solid foundation on which to build your career.


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