The importance of a cover letter when applying overseas

February 20 2019 , 0 Comments

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A cover letter is a centre piece when it comes to applying for a job, especially overseas, as most businesses require the applicant to attach a cover letter with their application. As a candidate, you have the opportunity to highlight your best features through the cover letter because after all, the purpose of this is to get you a job interview.


Imagine how many cover letters the employers read, and think about how many of them actually stand out. It needs to offer the managers important information and make them read more. This is why ingenuity plays an important role. You need to be clear, understandable and precise, but at the same time creative, in order to attract recruiters interest.

The hard part of writing a cover letter is always the beginning. And just like the CV, the cover letter structure has some rules you need to think about, in order to prove your skills, but also to answer the employer’s requirements. A well written cover letter will make you stand out and lead the employer to invite you for an interview, as this is the main objective of a cover letter.

Here are some things to take into consideration when writing a cover letter:



Adapt your cover letter to the job market & job description

It is important to let the employer know that you’re interested in the position you are applying to, as well as showing that you have done company research. At the same time, make sure to check the job market and rules in the country you are applying to (there are countries that don’t require a cover letter, but just a CV).



Add value to your CV

It is obvious that first impressions count, that’s why you need to “sell” yourself. As mentioned before, through your cover letter you highlight your strengths. You need to avoid copying information on the CV to your cover letter, you could, for example, write about how the company could benefit from your experience and what you can offer.



Find the right tone

The way you express yourself in the cover letter will define your personality. You need to find the right wording, so the employer can get an insight of who you are. This is your chance to say more than your CV can say for you about your traits and skills.



Avoid long sentences

Try to avoid long texts when writing a cover letter. You need to keep your message short and clear. After writing a paragraph, read it again and try to shorten it. Make sure you only leave what is useful for the employer or recruiter. 



Check spelling mistakes

Once you are done writing your cover letter, have a friend take a look at it. A fresh pair of eyes reading your cover letter will help you. Maybe there are small errors that you haven’t seen and there is nothing worse than handing out a cover letter with mistakes. This can also make the employer think you don’t pay attention to details.


The cover letter is a way of “selling” yourself when applying for a job. This is also your first opportunity to introduce yourself and express your desire of working overseas. Keeping in mind these tips will increase the chances of being noticed by employers.


Today’s guest post is from Lavinia Antonescu at Europe Language Jobs, an online job board for multilinguals. They have over 2,000 offers at some of the biggest brands in Europe, offering you the chance to work abroad in your native language.

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