Summer internship: Why you should do one!

August 26 2019 , 0 Comments


Are you thinking of gaining some internship experience this summer? There are a million reasons why you should complete a summer internship. Not only will you gain some valuable life skills, but you‌ ‌will also gain professional experience in a fun and exciting way, making the most out of your free time!

Completing a summer internship adds great value to your CV and comes with many benefits…


1. It shows off your productivity & motivation

Completing an internship during the summer shows your motivation and productivity compared to other students and job seekers. Instead of using your time to relax in the sunshine, you are being productive, improving your skills and knowledge. You are filling your gaps, you are using this time to support your future and this is extremely attractive to potential employers and will help to fill any gaps in your CV.


2. You will gain industry knowledge from experts

Completing an internship has so many benefits for your personal progression. You will gain industry knowledge, develop desirable skills and give your CV that desired boost - all at once! By completing an internship, you can apply the skills you have learned in University or College to the ´real´ working world. Due to offices generally being quieter during the summer, you may have more of an opportunity to learn a wider range of skills and get more involved. There´s no better way of testing your knowledge and improving your skills and practical experience.


3. You can get a head start in networking

Deciding to do an internship in the summer is the perfect opportunity for networking. During the summer months, people tend to be generally happier, there are usually a lot more social events happening at work and your chances of networking are generally greater. By meeting people during the quiet (yet sunnier) months, you have already made that initial connection for when the busier months arrive and any exciting job positions become available. Get your foot in the door!


4. Test out your potential career.

Internships are a good way of testing out your career choice before you commit to a full-time job in that industry. You get to have a sneak peek into the ways of working and the different job roles. By joining a company and shadowing different members of staff, you can start to get a good idea of what kind of role you would be interested in and what sort of skills you should be advancing for your future career.


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