Student Part-time jobs - how to find one at University!

September 18 2018, 0 Comments

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“How do I find a job?!” The students cry at university whilst they juggle their studying, socialising and drinking commitments. Although, many students are encouraged to work part-time, 77% to be precise, which is a staggering number. But that does shed some positive light that it is possible to find a job. You just need to know how…


Have a killer CV and Cover Letter

OK so you are paying over £9000 tuition fees per year (it still hurts my soul) and you are wondering how on earth do I get my money’s worth out of that colossal amount?! The Employment Team, that’s how. These guys will guide you every step of the way to create a literary masterpiece that even Shakespeare would admire. It is also crucial to include hot-in-demand skills to make your profile gleam and sparkle. Have no idea what to include? There are several key skills what employers love, check it out to find out more!


Manage your time and try to take it easy

When looking for part-time jobs you may only be looking for 10 hours a week, but find you are spending what feels like a 100 hours a week looking. How do you overcome this? Two words - time management. Obviously, you have lectures to attend to, coursework deadlines to meet and jägerbombs to drink (which are top priority…). Evidently, this limits the time. So allocate as little as 1 hour per day applying for jobs. As soon as the hour is up, focus on your other commitments. The subsequent action of this is you are top notch proactive student, but without the needless stress, trust me it works!


Focus on jobs you actually like

When applying for jobs, it is rather normal to apply for a gazillion jobs, but these jobs may not be student-tailored, suitable or something you are not simply interested in. And guess what? You don’t get the job. As the famous saying goes - “quality over quality”. There are plenty of employers who specifically look for us amazing students due to our flexible work requirements, our eager attitude and high work ethic. Wonder what jobs to apply for? Popular student vacancies are tutoring, promotional and bar work - and if you spent 40 hours a week at a bar anyway, why not get paid for it anyway?!


You’ve landed the job what do you wear?!

Let’s say you followed the first three steps and just so happen to land the golden job interview, congratulations! Now it is your chance to get hired. Firstly, it is vital to pick out the right outfit for the day. I understand that as a student, your suit tailor goes by the name of Primark, but there is no need to splash out hundreds of pounds on one outfit. Keep it cheap and sweet. For men a shirt, smart trousers and shoes will suffice. Similarly, for ladies a shirt and smart trousers work great, but if you decide to wear a skirt and dress make sure it is at knees length.


Research, research, research

To secure that desired job vacancy make sure to dazzle the employer by researching the company. It demonstrates enthusiasm, proactiveness and let’s be honest, awesomeness. One advantage of being a University student is you will have access to amazing databases that have access to the countless number of companies. This can include reports, figures, competitors. So yes you can research their website and gather information from the mission statements, but show a twinkle in your eye by extracting some extra information!


Follow the above steps and you will be on your way to securing your student part-time job! Ensure you prioritise your studies and set some money aside for rent and food. Then voila, you will have an awesome time at University!