Seasonal jobs abroad: Why you should apply for one

March 09 2020 , 0 Comments

Who isn’t familiar with this? Another year at school or university is over and the summer holidays are just around the corner. But instead of enjoying the sun, doing fun activities outdoors, you sit at the supermarket checkout again or stack shelves every day to earn yourself a little extra money for the upcoming year of university or school. It’s only understandable if you’re tired of this and dreaming of getting sunburned by the beach, feeling the sand on your feet and taking a swim in the sea.

If only there was a way to combine making money and going on vacation...

Seasonal jobs abroad

There is! Yes, indeed - by applying for a summer job abroad. Many holiday resorts need active support when it comes to the staff during the high season. For example, hotels are always looking for entertainers, service or childcare staff. In bars and restaurants, you can work as a waiter or bartender and surfing and diving schools need qualified specialists who can help out as teachers. It is ideal, of course, if you’re a student and you’re free for several months during the holiday season. This way you can enjoy the summer abroad to the fullest and at the same time earn enough money to finance your trip to one of the dream countries. Because when you’re there, you should, of course, enjoy and do everything that the respective country or city has to offer in your free time - from leisure activities and popular attractions to dining and nightlife.

Living and working abroad

If you work in a hotel, you often get full meals and a room in which you can stay for the respective time. This is of course very practical, since you don't have to look for an apartment or cook, so you don't have to worry about a lot other than your actual work. Even as a children's’ entertainer or supervisor in a holiday camp, you are usually provided with food and accommodation. For a job like this, of course, you need strong nerves and should generally be a fan of children and enjoy working with them. However, if you have a lot of energy and are always looking for an adventure, such a job may be just the right thing for you. In addition, you also have the opportunity to make friends for life with other caregivers and young people who share the same mentality, because the activities there are bonding on a strong level.

A seasonal job abroad not only helps you to strengthen your social competences and develop your personal skills, but it also looks great on your resume. Anyone who travels abroad for a while and even works there proves that they can get by on their own and are autonomous. This means you win on all sides if you choose to work abroad.

How you choose where to go

What’s the best destination for a seasonal job abroad? If you want to go abroad as part of a summer job, it is often worth staying in Europe, otherwise, the cost of the trip itself will be relatively high. The countries most people go to for vacation are of course ideal. Spain is particularly popular. No matter whether Mallorca, the Canary Islands or the Balearic Islands - Spain is an absolute dream almost everywhere in summer and workers are sought in every holiday resort. So it all depends on your personal preferences, which location you choose. But not only in Spain, but also in Italy, France or Portugal, there are numerous opportunities to work in summer. Another advantage of such a seasonal job abroad is, of course, the fact that you can also improve your foreign language skills there. Nowhere else can you learn a language as quickly as if you are in direct contact with locals every day who speak the language themselves. In this respect too, the summer job pays off for you and your future career opportunities, as it’s always useful in working life to master more than one language.

If you’re now convinced of the advantages of a seasonal job abroad, you can click here to find the perfect seasonal job abroad! On the page, you will find numerous jobs and offers abroad and you can apply directly. And with a little luck, your adventure can hopefully start soon!

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