Knowing How to Find Your Perfect Job

February 26 2020 , 0 Comments

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Before you even start looking for a job, there are multiple factors to take into consideration. These can include talking to your parents/guardians and bouncing ideas off them as well as having a real understanding of yourself and the path you’d like to begin on. Things won’t always go your way and you may have to make a few detours, but it’s good to set goals so you can see where you want to be.


Where to Look For a Job?

Today, with the strength of the digital universe, you can find different opportunities pretty easily. Here at Not Going To Uni, we specialise in apprenticeships and early careers. When we were designing our new website, we listened to reviews and comments from young people, careers advisors and parents and decided one of the new features would be to search via location. Some young people are not sure on their futures so would just like to explore options in their area. Maybe try their hand at something and find they love it. As a young person, it’s hard to know exactly what you want to do… most are in the same position!

If you do have an idea about what you want to do, explore that sector. Let’s say, finance & banking for example, take time to research other companies in that sector. See what everyone’s offering and if you’re getting the best opportunity within that sector. Understand a sector before you research, then understand the role, lastly researching the company.


Why Choose a Job over University?

Some of you may not want to go into work and have decided university is your route. That’s absolutely fine, whatever suits you best, you should do!

However, there is a growing number of young people that have decided that getting an apprenticeship or early career is more beneficial to them than university. This can be due to a whole host of factors; one being the tuition fees and other costs, which some simply cannot afford or do not want to be in debt. Apprenticeships offer the ability to gain hands-on working experience as well as studying for a qualification, whilst being paid!

If you’re not sure on university but let’s say your parents really want you to go and you’re 50/50, look at a degree apprenticeship. These are really good and allow you to do all the things an apprenticeship would give such as real working experience, being paid and learning how to work as part of an effective team. It also allows you to study at university and gain a degree qualification. These are limited due to their prestigious nature, so you’ll have to be proactive in looking for one of those.

Getting a job is nothing to be looked down upon either. Some opportunities will give scope for growth and development over the period your peers are at university. You know people who go to university for three years, you choose work. In those three years, your career progression and experience will be invaluable compared to a degree. The number of post-graduates who struggle to find a job after university is staggering. A lot of these post-graduates end up going into jobs that don’t even relate to their degree! Speaking with employers every day, we have discovered that the biggest thing they look for is experience. If you’re reliable and have the experience, you’re more likely to be considered over someone who’s just come out of university.

To explore apprenticeships, degree apprenticeships, jobs, early careers or gap years, visit Not Going To Uni.

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