Job Hunting in The Big City

February 17 2017, 0 Comments

Job hunting

When it comes to job hunting in the city it’s important to have your survival tactics in place, and a strategy to make sure you come out on top.  Lucky for you, we have an emergency supply of tips to get you through! Because, as we all know, it’s a jungle out there…


Covering ground

One obstacle you may have to overcome during job hunting in the city is if you are seeking a job in that city from a distance. Forbes recently looked into this topic, as did we, and it was determined there are some main elements to cover yourself from. Firstly, recruiter hesitations over whether you will dislike the city you have moved to and end up returning to your previous post just after they hire you. To protect yourself against this, be clear in your application or cover letter just why you want to move to the location of this role – it should be an extremely valid reason and if you have any history with the city it should be mentioned too. Secondly, the arrangements of interviews and any costs involved. The ammunition required to handle this is a little bit more strategic, you must have already thought about first round Skype/ phone interviews and the possibility you may have to fund a trip to said city, should the interview stage progress – of course if you are headhunted or arrangements are already noted by a recruiter this is a different story. Finally, any concerns that you could lack local business knowledge and connections.  To guard against this make like you’ve always been there, if you know any local connections name drop them (just make sure they are aware you have) and make the intel you have on the industry in that particular city clear. Keep these job-seeking defence tactics at hand to help you with your job search in the city.


Maintaining momentum

Job hunting in the city requires effort, which must be wisely invested if your expedition is to be a successful one. Organisation is key, so whatever you do come prepared for the job hunt – including portfolios, references, up to date CVs and a means of tracking your applications. Use job application apps (such as City Calling’s) to your advantage, there is no excuse with today’s technology for getting lost. Set a priority list and plan your actions before going ahead with them – this goes for any recruiter contacts to get in touch with first, to the initial applications you most wish to address. A one-pronged approach is not always the best one to take, and it’s beneficial for you to be able to look at multiple routes to get to your ideal destination. Applications, contacts, and letters of interest are all effective means of job hunting in the city, and a combination of them is the best of all – just make sure to use your time to do quality applications, as time preparing now will get you to the end of your journey faster. Momentum and enthusiasm may be a challenge to endure, but keep going and you’ll be amazed at what you’ve accomplished at the end of it.



Once you’ve made it through the first part

Once you’ve begun your journey job hunting in the city, it’s vital to utilise this next part to make sure you stay on track. It’s easy to get lost amongst the crowd, but if you really want to stand out what you do following your application is equally important in the job-hunting process in terms of success. It’s fantastic that you have achieved securing an interview (and something you should celebrate), but the role isn’t yours just yet – so leave a mark on your interviewers. Something as simple as a hand written thank you note for their time (restating your interest in the opportunity) or providing examples of your work still go a long way. It’s this that will make your encounter with potential employers memorable, which will ultimately be your best move during your job hunt. 


Well, there you have it! The tips that’ll help you while job hunting in the big city. Do you have any more to include on the survival list? We hope you find what you are looking for. For more advice, see our prior post Decoding the Messages in those Job Descriptions.



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