How to Succeed in a Skype Interview

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Skype interview

With the number of companies using video interviews on the rise, the importance of mastering this technique is slowly creeping up on us. Skype interviews are becoming a favourite for employers because of the amount of time and money they save a company during their recruitment process. To add to this, when applying for a vacancy abroad, Skype interviews are a bonus as it means you won’t have to fly to the location as part of your application. You can successfully complete the call from the comfort of your own home, especially with our helpful tips to keep you on track…


Create a professional username

 It may seem surprising, but it is not uncommon for candidates to apply for a vacancy and have a considerably strange Skype username. We all know how embarrassing your first hotmail address tends to be, so remember to keep this in mind when you send your contact details to the employer. Your Skype username will be one of the first impressions the company has of you, so keep it simple and as close to your real name as you can.


Find a good environment

A Skype interview should be treated as seriously as a face-to-face interview. It is crucial to find a quiet space to conduct the call, somewhere clean and without disruptions. Avoid cafes, parks or just answering the video interview in the street (yes, we really did have someone try this). If you have a lot of posters in your room, or it is pretty messy, try asking someone in your house if you can use their room instead. After all, you don’t want any distractions for the employer in the background, you want them entirely focused on you!


Internet connection

It is no secret that student housing usually has an incredibly slow internet connection. With all your housemates trying to watch Netflix at the same time, the chances of having a smooth Skype call are pretty slim. We would advise you to try booking a room in your library, faculty, or simply asking all your house to stay off the internet for half an hour or so while you have your interview.


Dress to impress

As the call is taking place over skype, it can be extremely tempting to dress down in joggers or a jumper. Don’t forget though, the employer will still be able to see at least your top half so a shirt or smart top would be a wise move. Also, imagine what would happen if your laptop screen falls or they ask you to fetch an additional document. If you are wearing shorts, joggers or casual trousers and you have to stand up, you could be facing quite the embarrassment. We would, therefore, advise you to stick to similar clothing to what you would wear to a face-to-face interview, just to be on the safe side.


Body language

The golden rule of an interview is to maintain eye contact throughout and trust us, this still applies to Skype interviews. Many candidates wonder whether they should look at the webcam or the screen. To give the impression of looking your interviewer in the eyes, we would advise you to look into the actual camera as much as possible. This may feel strange but to the employer it will help you to appear more personable and interested. Also, don’t forget to avoid checking out how you look in the top right hand corner. We are all guilty of this and we can assure you the interviewer is more concerned with your answers than how your hair looks in your bedroom lighting… So, if you have an upcoming Skype interview, remember stick to a clean and tidy room, check your wifi status, dress smartly and maintain eye contact. With these simple rules, you will be on your way to success in no time!


Written by Saffron Shergill at StudentJob UK. StudentJob is a job portal designed to help students and young professionals find suitable part-time jobs, internships, summer jobs and graduate jobs in their area. If you are looking to earn money


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