How to make your job application stand out

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How to make your job application stand out

Don’t think that you have to use a fancy font and coloured, scented paper to make your job application stand out. In fact, that’s more likely to turn the recruiter off.

The best way to make your job application stand out is to ensure that it’s accurately formatted, spell checked and includes all the answers to all the questions that the recruiter has.

How do you do that?

Read on for our five tips to make your job application stand out.


Make your job application memorable (for all the right reasons)

Firstly, you need to understand how the employer recruits and apply in a way that appeals to them.

Do your homework on the company thoroughly beforehand. Know what their goals are and what their underlying values are. Know exactly how they communicate and what they communicate.

You can find all of this information online. Check their website, their social media profiles and their LinkedIn company profile. Align your CV and job application with the company’s culture and ethos and you will appear like the ideal candidate, at least on paper.


Really make your key skills section sing

Recruiters write the job description for their ideal candidate and it’s your job to come as close to their image of perfection as possible. So dig down into what they’re looking for and be sure you have a response to each of their requirements.

Don’t just list the skills that you have; quantify them by providing evidence of how you effectively used that skill for a past employer. It will enable the recruiter to understand what value you would bring to their team, were they to hire you.


Highlight your point of difference

If you have an unusual work history or peculiar hobbies that set you apart from the rest of the job seeking crowd, shout about them.

More and more recruiters are realising the value of working alongside a human they get on with, not just an efficient robot who has all the skills the job requires to do it properly.

Talk about the blog you write (demonstrates your ability to communicate), mention the charity you volunteer at (shows you’re a motivated individual with outside interests), or even the extreme sports that you partake in at the weekend (highlights you’re not afraid to take risks).

Whatever you have that can make your job application stand out, include it.


Explain what really drives you

Don’t make your job application the same, boring list of what you’ve done in a previous life.

Everyone else's will say something similar.

Use the personal statement section at the top of your CV or your cover letter to let the recruiter see the person behind the job application.

Tell them what drives you, what gets you out of bed in the morning, what direction you see your career going (with their company obviously) and how your values and theirs align.

Give your job application a bit of personality and let it talk for you.


Mention the self-learning you do in your own time

If you are taking a language course at night school, or you are part way through an Open University degree, mention it.

Recruiters are very keen to know that you’re a self-starter; someone with the curiosity and drive to get themselves ahead of their peers and not wait until opportunities are presented.

If you can demonstrate that you are capable of taking charge of your own future, you will be helping the HR department out. In the process you will appear a much more desirable candidate, not someone who needs their hand holding every step of the way.

Finally, anything you can say that sets you apart from the rest of the potential candidates is going to make your job application stand out. So if you can’t think of anything, maybe now is the time to find some new hobbies to help you secure an interview.


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