How to get recruiters to notice your CV

February 26 2020 , 0 Comments

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When you start your job search a great place to begin is to identify a great recruitment agency that works within your industry and to get in touch them and request to register. A good recruiter will always ask to meet with you for an initial interview before they register you, but once you are registered they will act on your behalf, matching your CV, experience and ambitions to live roles at a range of companies.

Recruiters have trusted relationships with hiring managers looking for new employees; this means if they suggest your CV it’s far more likely to be considered than had you applied to the job yourself. A hiring manager will trust the recruiter to have already vetted you, which vastly cuts down their own risks and time to hire.

Therefore, the first hurdle in your job search is getting your CV noticed by a recruiter. Recruiters look through hundreds of CVs a day, scanning them to pick out key pieces of information; they are pros at quickly reading a CV and being able to get a feel for the kind of person you are and what job you are suitable for.

Below we’ve revealed 5 top CV tips to follow to ensure a recruiter notices your CV:

1. Keep it clear

Keep your CV clear and simple. Ensure the text is all in one font and that your experience runs in chronological order from most to least recent. Use paragraph breaks between different sections and indented bullet points to highlight key skills. You can download lots of fancy templates online but simple is best – it’s the content that matters and you want to make sure this is as easy to read as possible.

 2. Make sure the dates tally and the spelling and grammar is correct

Lots of people slip up with the dates on their CV or don’t check their spelling and grammar thoroughly enough. This is an instant turn off for recruiters as it communicates that you don’t have good attention to detail. It also suggests that you don’t care that much; remember, when a recruiter passes on your CV or recommends you for a job they are putting their own reputation on the line and if you come across as slapdash or not caring enough to ensure simple spelling is correct initially they will be less likely to trust you further down the line.

3. Add in hobbies and any interesting personal details at the end

Put all important information such as your education and work experience at the beginning, if you have any interesting hobbies or interests we would recommend include a few bullet points about these at the end. This will give the recruiter a feel for the kind of person you are and insight into your personality, they also might spot something that they think is relevant to your job search.


4. Keep it to 2 pages of A4

A CV longer than 2 sides of A4 will instantly turn off any recruiter – they just don’t have time to sift through it all. If you have a lot of experience and want to include it all then we recommend explaining in detail your most recent roles (around 3) and then bullet pointing the name of the company and your role there for any previous experience. Cut out any waffle and ensure that only relevant information about you and your work history is stated.

5. Add a headline or a short profile

A brief headline of who you are and what you are looking for is a great way to introduce yourself to a recruiter. Stating something like, ‘A senior EA, used to working with board members, now looking for her next challenge within boutique finance’ instantly tells a recruiter who you are, what you are looking for and gives an insight into your seniority. Some people also include a recommendation from a past employer at the beginning ‘Philippa was my EA for 3 years, she was efficient, friendly, solutions-driven and made doing my job a lot easier’. This again gives a good insight into your professional personality.

Your CV is your first impression to any recruiter and making sure yours follows the above guidelines will help ensure that is it noticed for all the right reasons.

Lottie Mayland is a resource for Anderson Hoare, a boutique, London based recruitment agency for PAs and EAs. The team at Anderson Hoare recruit high quality PAs and EAs at companies across London, you can send them your CV here and view their live roles on their website.

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