How to dress for an interview on a budget

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Budget interview

Landing an interview in this competitive job market can seem like an impossible task. For this reason, a congratulations is in order for securing the first step to your new job. Now, with your foot firmly in the door, you can focus on ensuring your blazer is as sharp as your interview answers…

So, although the most important factor during an interview is your answers and knowledge of the industry, don’t forget the first thing the interviewer will see is your appearance. As a student, it can be hard sourcing suitable attire on a budget, so check out our top tips on how to dress for an interview without breaking the bank.


Check your wardrobe

Right in the back of your closet, behind all the fancy dress outfits and harem trousers, you may find the perfect blouse or shirt for the big day. Remember, your interview outfit doesn’t necessarily have to be a three-piece suit. You might choose to wear a smart pair of trousers and a nice jacket, or perhaps a pencil skirt and shirt. Scavenging through your old clothes may lead you to find 1-2 of the items you need, which would give you a bigger budget to spend on the remaining things you might have to purchase.


Borrow from friends

If the thought of buying clothes still doesn’t appeal to you, why not try raiding through the cupboards of your family and friends to see if you can find something which takes your fancy. If you’re a student, this could be a real winner since many of your friends may also be applying for jobs and already have an outfit prepared. Finding someone of a similar size with a ready-made outfit could be just what you need, the perfect way to save money and dazzle your interviewers.


Shopping with a tight purse

Perhaps you haven’t found the right fit or are still on the search for that perfect pair of shoes? Being on a budget doesn’t have to mean you can’t spend any money, you just need to be strategic about it. Why not check out your local second-hand shops for hidden treasures - you might find a handbag or necklace which will complete your entire outfit. Cheaper high street stores are also great for finding interview wear, they usually stock entire outfits at affordable prices, meaning you can kit yourself out for a fraction of your budget!



Although these should be kept simple for your interview, a couple of accessories can really help to transform a simple outfit and help you to stand out from the crowd. Ordering pieces online can be incredibly cheap, with many jewellers offering discount for bulk items. So, if you want to spice up your normal interview outfit with something special, try a statement necklace or funky new tie pin.


Clean appearance

Lastly, let’s not forget the most important quality of all. Your clothes and accessories may make a big difference, but the biggest key to success is to have a clean and tidy appearance. The employer wants to feel how much this job means to you and how much effort you have put in, so remember to keep your fingernails clean and your hair neat. With a tidy appearance and smart clothing, you will be signing your new job contract in no time…


Written by Saffron Shergill at StudentJob UK. is a job portal specifically dedicated to the employment needs of students and graduates. To find an internship or placement, visit their website and sign up for free!


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