Graduate Jobs 2019: What Industries to Aim For

December 18 2018 , 0 Comments


Goodbye 2018 and hello 2019. For students and graduates, the new year will welcome some uncertainties and disruptions, it is now more important than ever to stay one step ahead and work in an industry that will, hopefully, stand strong against the turmoil. So what will be the best in demand industries for graduate jobs for 2019?



As a graduate, it may be hard to believe that despite the student-lifestyle abuse, we are a part of an ageing population. With over 4 million jobs added to the sector in 2018, the trend will only be expected to rise in 2019. Additionally, mental health care will also see an increase in accordance with funding being injected to help and improve mental health care.


Cyber Warfare

Not quite at the Blade Runner standard yet, but demand for the industry has increased by 21.4% over 5 years. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has said in recent reports that on average, the UK has been protected from over 10 attacks a week! By 2022 they are estimating around 100,000 cybersecurity jobs will be available, therefore graduates should focus their attention on network security, ethical hacking and security management.



In particular, content creation and online marketing will be the big players in 2019. Search engine optimisation is exploding across all sectors, with an enormous focus on e-commerce.  Creating content is vitally important too. By 2020, predictions are the demand will increase by 15%. Experience is vital and here at StudentJob we also seek marketing interns, so keep your eyes peeled and who knows, maybe you can work for us!


Renewable Energy

An obvious correlation between population growth is, of course, energy consumption. This is harmful to our environment and unfortunately, fossil fuels will not be a ‘friendly’ face forever. With some people predicting our reserves will run out by 2088. Prosperous graduates looking for a secure job should enter the renewable energy sector - with over 70,000 jobs to hopefully be created over the next decade.


Some quick tips before you go…

  • Start now - and no I don’t mean apply for a graduate position within the next 3 minutes. Instead, take a look at what sectors interest you, discover available vacancies and get an idea of the sort of candidate the employer is looking for.
  • Check your application - eventually, when you have spotted the right one, ensure you understand their application process and that yours is of an ideal fit. Check for spelling mistakes, that its relevance and make sure someone checks it over!
  • Practice, practice, practice - You have been invited to an interview or an assessment centre, so do your research and practice with a friend or academic to ensure you are prepared for any question fired at you. For assessment centres, try to get an inkling on what will happen on the day. Will there me psychometric tests, group activities or a presentation? The more practice, the better!
  • Stay motivated! The UK’s job market is notorious for being competitive, meaning you may face some rejections. Do not take it to heart, remain motivated and focused and eventually you will become hired!



Megan Bryant is an Online Marketer at StudentJob UK. Looking for a job to fund your student lifestyle? Register for your free candidate profile now.


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