5 Tips to Translate your CV

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Do you have your eye on an international role? Need some advice getting your CV translated? Look no further and read on for 5 useful tips to think about when you decide to apply for a job with language requirements.


Before you translate your CV, ensure you’re actually bilingual!

When it comes to jobs that require another language, what goes on your CV should be reflective of the job spec. Just remember one thing: do not oversell your language skills, it’s easy to be caught out! Be honest with your ability even if it’s below the requirement. Show the recruiter or hiring manager you’re interested in progressing and learning, and there may be an opportunity to hire you with the intention of improvement while on the job. If you lie, then those chances will be lost.

If the job you’re applying for requires proficiency where the majority of tasks will be conducted in that language, then it’s worth submitting a translated CV. If the requirements are anything less or the language is needed as an additional skill, then it’s ok to just list your ability. Linking or attaching written work will give them an idea of your competence in the language and help you secure a first stage interview.



Follow the format of that country

Whether you are applying for a job in the UK, USA or for an international company where you may be relocated abroad it’s important to follow the CV format of that country.

While in some countries and cultures it’s normal to reveal your marital status and add a picture of yourself, in other places this is considered discrimination and will make your CV stand out for the wrong reasons. However, when applying for a role in another country or with the option or relocation it’s a good idea to mention your right to work status. This will help clear up some admin issues and ensure your CV isn’t put to the side because of it.



Get your tenses and prepositions right

If you’re translating your CV, then you need to be mindful of sentence structure once it’s in another language. If you’re turning your CV from French, Italian, Arabic or Chinese into English, for example, then it’s important to take into consideration how prepositions will work.

Some examples of words (and the differing prepositions) you may use:

Responsible for: I was responsible for ensuring projects were delivered on time

Experience in: I have experience in presenting and networking

Passionate about: I am passionate about people, being in sales is a natural fit for me



Use industry buzzwords

Just as much as you would use a job spec to help you tailor a covering letter, so too is it important to use buzzwords within your translated CV. Brush up on your industry jargon and dot a few buzzwords throughout. This will resonate with the person reading your CV, ticking their boxes and getting you closer to the interview stage.


If you do progress and you are invited for an interview, then it’s important to be able to use these words in a sentence. Read through some questions and prepare a handful of answers which will help you feel confident if you’re interviewing in another language.



Avoid grammar mistakes at all cost

This is something that can plague even a native speaker, so when you’re translating your CV from one language to other, it’s essential you check for mistakes.

Sometimes when reading something over and over again it’s easy to pass over (a very obvious) mistake, and once you hit sent you’ll spot it! To avoid this, it’s worth getting a second opinion. Whether that is sending it to a friend or investing in paying a company to have it professionally looked over. Do try and steer clear of running your CV through Google Translate, it’s known to be inaccurate.


Good luck translating your CV and showing off your bilingual status. If you’d like to improve your English language skills, then why not take an English course abroad with Kaplan International English.


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