5 stand out summer jobs

July 16 2018, 0 Comments

Summer job

For many students, the deadline horizon is fast approaching, with many celebrating far and wide that another academic year is over. However, students now face a daunting task - to find a job. With the surprisingly hot summer, we have had so far, it makes working in a shop or factory less appealing. Therefore, I present a list of stand out jobs to apply for this summer so you can earn whilst having fun!



Summer Camps

This is a popular destination for many students, it offers the opportunity to work outside, manage a group of children and take part in all the fun activities, which quite frankly, does not feel like hard work at all! There is a perception that to work for a summer camp you have to travel far and wide, but it may be closer than you think - which your wallet will thank you for later. Take this, for example, there are summer camps all over the UK that are calling for students to work on activity day camps. Typical responsibilities include delivering swimming lessons to groups, and if that is not attractive enough then the wages pay great too, you can earn up to £466 per week!




Summer is in full swing, which means festivals are too. With weekend tickets costing up to £200 sometimes it is impossible for students to afford these extortionate prices. However, why not take this negative and transform it into a positive? Companies are continuously looking for volunteers to work at some of the biggest festivals in the UK and with many providing food and a camping area, you can secretly enjoy the acts performing throughout the day, whilst earning up to £25 per hour! It is also a brilliant opportunity to develop and expand on key skills such as customer service and teamwork. It is a win-win situation.




Maybe festivals are not your thing and instead the appeal of working at events is far more attractive. With many luxurious jobs taking place in London and other major cities, it is a great opportunity for many students who are still staying in university accommodation. Most importantly, events work is fantastic for flexibility, with roles only requiring to work for 4 days per calendar month; meaning you do not have to delay the holiday you booked several months before. In addition, many vacancies offer on-the-site training, so if you have no relevant work experience, it is great to enhance these skills to wow those employers in years to come.




The graduate job market is incredibly competitive with potentially hundreds if not thousands applying for the same role. Additionally, companies are requesting more than ever for candidates to have work experience. Securing a summer internship enhances these prospects, and with most of them, offering paid work also keeps the bank account positive too! For internships it is best to apply sooner in the year, however, contacting local or nationwide companies will increase your chances of securing a position this summer.




For students who are now well equipped with profound knowledge and wish to capitalise on this then tutoring is also another great option. It allows you to either teach from the comfort of your own home or benefit from covered travel costs. Preparing and delivering fun pact lessons to children and young adults is not only mentally stimulating but allows you to expand on key skills such as communication and presentation.


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