5 reasons why you should complete an internship abroad in 2020

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Internships can introduce you to the world of work in a fun and exciting way. Internships help you to gain valuable experience, that benefits both your professional and personal life. Moving abroad and completing an internship in a different country is an extremely brave thing to do and comes with many advantages.

If you like to travel and to see new places, completing an internship abroad is a great way to experience different cultures whilst gaining valuable work experience. By completing an internship in a foreign country, you have great access to language practice, insights to different working cultures and more.

Gaining international experience adds great value to your CV from the selection of hard and soft skills that you acquire. For instance, by learning a new language, you increase your chances of employment through your increased ability to communicate with colleagues and clients. You also open the door to lots of other opportunities, through the advantage of searching for a job in more than one language. Another major skill that you will acquire is the ability to adapt. From your international experience, employers will see you as a top candidate, due to these appealing traits.


Gain industry knowledge from experts

There is no substitute for experience. Learning from experienced professionals is an effective way of getting to know your industry and broadening your skillset. Of course, you can read all about the latest trends in marketing, sales or teaching, but there are people who are experts in these fields who can teach you firsthand.

They may have little tricks and more efficient processes, so why not use their knowledge to add to your own set of skills? Learning from different cultures and countries is also hugely beneficial as this significantly broadens your knowledge, helping you to stand out from the other candidates in the future.


Get a head start in networking

Completing an internship is a great way of gathering useful connections for the future. If you perform well in this internship position, you may be offered a role in the same company or introduced to other companies for your future job search.

Networking is an extremely important part of your job search and your career path. Not only will networking broaden your connections, but it will also help you to develop a number of hard and soft skills that will hugely benefit your career, communicational skills, relationship building skills & more. From meeting and working with new people in different countries you can also gain some exciting job referrals and recommendations that could significantly benefit you in the future.


Test-drive your desired career

Completing an internship enables you to ‘test drive’ your potential career. You can try out the different areas of your career with a more hands-on approach, rather than just learning about it at University. As you can imagine, this practical experience helps to give you a clear insight into what tasks and activities are involved in your desired industry, and from this experience, you can map out your future career based on what you enjoyed the most.

By completing an internship abroad, you are also able to test-drive the working culture in that particular country as well as the industry. For instance, you may enjoy working for a startup in Spain a lot more than you will enjoy working for a big company in the UK. Gaining this international experience, helps you to become more adaptable in different working environments, which is an extremely attractive trait to employers.


One step closer to your dream job

By getting your foot in the door and displaying your motivation to learn and progress, you are showcasing yourself to potential employers. Your work and effort might make such a difference in a company that they decide to take a position for you immediately or even when you have completed your studies, making your move abroad considerably easier.

Although these progression opportunities won’t be available in every company, it’s still important to work hard. Hopefully, your hard work pays off and you could be referred to other companies and opportunities.


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