5 CV Mistakes Apprenticeship Applicants Make

February 20 2019 , 0 Comments


As a young person just leaving school or college, do you know fully about what an apprenticeship is?

An apprentice is someone that is learning whilst working, still studying but gaining work experience also. Oh, did I mention, you get paid too! A lot of young people see the apprenticeship route as the most efficient way to progress and develop themselves as well as their career. So, be sure to explore every option and give apprenticeships a fair look!


What is most common with the CV’s of young people is that they have either had a lot of help writing it or just not written it themselves at all. Getting help is no issue at all, BUT you must remember it is your CV, so must accurately reflect you and how you perceive yourself. It’s no good someone telling you what to write if you’re asked about it in an interview and can’t answer it… because it’s not your opinion. Be genuine, be accurate and put it in your own words.


Another factor that is taken into consideration by an employer is how you see yourself and talk about yourself. It is frequently noticed that young people tend to be timid when describing themselves or not as confident as they should be. Definitely don’t brag or be arrogant, but you still have to back yourself and highlight your positives.


Also, please remember to keep your CV concise and refined! There is nothing worse than an employer opening a CV and it is consisting of three or four pages… they simply won’t read it. As harsh as that sounds, that’s just how it is, and you must be aware of this. Keep your CV short and punchy, get the key bits included and highlight achievements/responsibilities.


Employers want to know what you can bring to their business/company. Telling them how you enjoy working with people is generic and they would have seen this hundreds of times. Be unique, highlight your positives and the responsibilities you’ve been trusted with. Your CV should make you stand out, so stand out! Key experience is useful as well as challenges you had to solve and overcome previously.


Your CV will determine whether you get an interview so you must show your personality. You may have a great CV, but if you come across as generic and have nothing that really stands out and says, ‘this is me, I’m unique’, then it is unlikely you’ll be successful. Again, we go back to highlighting unique selling points about yourself; are you a leader or do you like being organised, like budgets, figures. Include as many positives, being as concise and direct as you can.


When it comes to finding a job as a young person, it can be difficult. You’ll find that there will be a number of people applying for the same job as you. This is why it’s crucial to highlight your key skills and show your personality. Simply, tell the employer why you should be the one they would benefit from hiring. This is the same for apprenticeships as you won’t be the only one applying. An apprenticeship is an investment for a business, and you have to show them why you’d be a good investment.

Good luck in your search!


This article was written by Lewis Scott from Not Going To Uni  - Search their site or over 4,000 vacancies.

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