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The UK gig economy

Gig economy statistics

The vital facts and figures surrounding the UK’s vast-and-growing gig economy

Job search statistics

Job search statistics

A detailed study into the important numbers in the UK job market

The average UK salary

Average UK salary

Learn how your salary stacks up with our annual report on what Brits are earning

Highest paid jobs UK

Highest paying jobs

The 10 highest paying jobs in the UK and how to get them.

Top 50 interview songs

Interview songs

What tunes will get you pumped for your next interview?

Pre interview food

Eat before interview

What foods should you eat before the big interview to ensure you perform at your best

Which Friends character earns the most?

Friends earning

We surveyed Friends fans to find out which character would earn the most in real life

How long recruiters spend looking at your CV

Recruiter read CV

How long recruiters spend reading your CV and how to adapt it accordingly 

Richard Branson’s CV

Richard Branson CV

Ever wondered what Virgin entrepreneur Richard Branson’s CV would look like?

The most attractive jobs

Most attractive jobs Our Tinder study reveals the most (and least) attractive jobs in the UK

Employee monitoring study

Employee monitoring pic

How much does your boss know about you? A study into employee monitoring software

Graduate statistics UK

Graduate statistics

All the latest data on UK graduates from enrolment numbers and university performance to gender pay gap and more

Employee theft in the UK

Which areas of the UK have the least honest employees

Job perks and benefits UK

Are job perks on offer really benefits, or are they legal requirements?

The most dangerous jobs in the UK and USA

The most in-depth study into dangerous careers analysing over 200 pieces of research

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