Blockchain Project Manager resume example

A position as a blockchain project manager can be a very lucrative career if you’ve got the technical skills and know-how to be successful.

The tricky part is proving to the recruiter that you’ve got what it takes.

To do this, you’ll need a persuasive application, and we can help with that. Check out our Blockchain project manager resume example and writing tips in the guide below.




Blockchain Project Manager Resume Example

Blockchain Project Manager Resume 1

Blockchain Project Manager Resume 2


This Blockchain Project Manager resume example shows you the most effective layout for a resume in today’s job market, along with the type of content you need to include.

Stick closely to these guidelines as you write your own resume, to boost your chances of getting lots of responses, interviews and job offers.

Now lets dive into the details of how you write your own eye-catching resume…


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Blockchain Project Manager resume layout and formatting

Formatting is often overlooked when writing resume, but it’s a crucial element of it”s success.

Creating a document that not only looks good, but is easily comprehended, is the key to gaining and holding the attention of busy hiring managers.

Use these formatting tips for best results.


How to write a resume


Formatting your resume

  • Length: Recruiters often see hundreds of resumes per day – so keep yours under 2 pages in length, if you want to ensure it gets read in full.
  • Font & readability: To create a resume that is easily digestible for hiring managers, it’s essential to use an uncomplicated font and structure your content with bullet points and short paragraphs.
  • Layout & Structure: While creating an attractive resume, it is crucial not to compromise functionality for design. To ensure both, use bold headings and borders to structure the page into clear sections.
  • Photos: While a photo is not usually necessary on your resume in the United States, it may be beneficial to include one in regions and industries where it is customary.


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Resume formatting tips



Resume layout

Add the following sections when you write your resume.

  • Name and contact details – Add to the very top of your resume to introduce yourself and make it super-easy for recruiters to get in touch.
  • Resume summary – Reel hiring managers in with an “elevator pitch” style paragraph which sums up your suitability for the job.
  • Skills section – A short and sharp list of your most important skills, that can be quickly skim-read.
  • Work experience – List your previous jobs (from newest to oldest) detailing the skills learnt and applied in each.
  • Education – List your qualifications and professional training.
  • Additional info – If it helps your application, you can add an extra section for things like hobbies and interests.

Here’s what to include in each part of your resume.


Contact Details

Contact details


Add your name and contact details to the very top of your resume, making it easy for recruiters to get in touch

  • Name and profession title
  • Cell phone number – or another number you can answer quickly
  • Location – Add your local area such as San Diego or New York – not your full address as that will take up too much space.
  • Email address – Use your name or close variation – no nicknames from high school.

You can add a link to your LinkedIn profile if you have one – you do not need to include personal details like date of birth or marital status.


Blockchain Project Manager Resume Summary

Create a strong opening for your resume by adding a compelling summary to the top that highlights your most valuable skills and experience.

This short but important paragraph is designed convince recruiters that you’re the perfect candidate for the job and entice them to read more of your resume.


resume profile


How to create a resume summary that will excite recruiters:

  • Keep it short: Aim for a short punchy paragraph of 4-7 lines. This is just enough info to showcase why you’d make the perfect hire, without going into excessive detail and overwhelming busy recruiters at such an early stage in the resume.
  • Tailor to target jobs: By carefully reviewing the job description and incorporating as many relevant skills as possible, you can customize your resume to better match your target jobs.
  • Avoid using cliches: You may be a “team player who always give 110%” but generic phrases don’t tell employers much about you in reality – stick to factual information.


Blockchain Project Manager resume summary example

Dedicated Blockchain Project Manager with a deep understanding of cryptocurrencies NFTs, Web3, DAOs, digital assets, and other ledger technologies that disrupt industries and capture opportunities for enabling success. Adept at supervising technical teams tasked with developing large sale decentralized finance systems that hold money in secure digital wallets through smart contract applications. Passionate about thinking strategically about business and product challenges, with an ability to convey compelling value propositions.


What to include in your Blockchain Project Manager resume summary?

  • Summary of your experience: Summarize the type of work you have done in the past and the ways in which you have contributed to the success of your previous employers.
  • Relevant skills: Instantly showcase your suitability for Blockchain Project Manager jobs by including your skills that are highly relevant to them.
  • Qualifications: Showcase your level of education with a quick mention of any qualifications that are essential for the Blockchain Project Manager roles you are applying to.


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Core skills section

Underneath your summary, write a core skills section to make your most relevant skills jump off the page at readers.

It should be made up of 2-3 columns of bullet points of your relevant skills.

Before you do this, look over the job description and make a list of any specific skills, specialisms or knowledge required.

Then, make sure to use your findings in your list. This will paint you as the perfect match for the role.


Core skills section resume


Best skills for your Blockchain Project Manager resume

Blockchain technology – Maintaining a detailed understanding of blockchain technology, including cryptography, consensus algorithms, and distributed ledger systems, to manage blockchain projects effectively.

Project management – Leading and managing blockchain projects, coordinating resources, timelines, and budgets to ensure successful implementation.

Agile methodology – Maintaining knowledge of agile project management methodology, including sprint planning, backlog grooming, and scrum meetings, to manage blockchain projects efficiently.

Technical writing – Creating and maintaining technical documentation, including whitepapers, specifications, and user manuals, to communicate project requirements and progress effectively.

Risk management – Identifying and managing project risks, including security vulnerabilities, legal and regulatory compliance, and technology adoption, to ensure project success.

Financial modelling – Maintaining a complex understanding of financial modeling and forecasting, including revenue projections and cost-benefit analyses, to assess the financial viability of blockchain projects.

Cryptocurrency – Maintaining knowledge of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, and their role in blockchain projects, to manage transactions and incentives effectively.

Smart contracts – Maintaining a detailed understanding of smart contracts and their applications in blockchain projects, to automate business processes and reduce transaction costs.

Interoperability – Managing blockchain interoperability, including cross-chain communication and asset exchange, to enable seamless integration with other systems.

Data analysis – Analyzing blockchain data using tools such as SQL and Python, to derive insights and make informed decisions about project performance and optimization.


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Work experience

Once you’ve hooked the hiring manager with your summary, you can really blow them away with you work experience.

List your previous jobs from newest to oldest to show the impact you made at each organization.

If you have years of experience, you can leave out some of the older jobs, and if you have little/no experience, you can bulk this section up with voluntary work and college placements.


Work experience resume


Structuring your jobs

Your job description probably includes tons of information, so it’s vital to organize it well when writing about it on your resume.

Structure your jobs as like the example below to make skim-reading easy for recruiters and hiring managers.


Role descriptions


Job outline

Start with a 1-2 sentence outline of the role, summarizing what the goal of your position was, who you reported to (or managed) and the type of organization you worked for.


Key responsibilities

List your notable responsibilities in short sharp bullet points to demonstrate your input and how you contributed to the organization’s success.

Highlight the skills that are most important to the roles you are applying for.


Key achievements

Finish each role by highlighting some impressive achievements you made whilst in the role.

Anything that benefited the employer can be included from making financial savings, to winning new customers.

Quantify your achievements with facts and figures if you can, e.g. “reduced call wait time by 10%”


Example job for Blockchain Project Manager resume


Spearhead blockchain infrastructure processing and security controls to assure systems reliably perform at peak efficiency, for a software company with 100+ staff that reduces costs and increases capacity through building a suite of scalable Ethereum solutions.

Key Responsibilities

  • Oversee the design, build, and implementation of blockchain-native products that facilitate processes of recording transactions and tracking assets in business networks.
  • Establish a PMO to ensure projects are effectively executed against internal/external client expectations and iteratively delivered on time, on budget, and error-free.
  • Act as the primary point of contact by communicating with all stakeholders throughout blockchain development life cycles concerning specialized features.
  • Encourage the use of continuous integration (CI) and automation through tools that integrate chunks of code into central repositories.


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Education section

Nearing the end of your resume, your education/qualifications section should be added.

In a well-structured list, add all of your qualifications and certifications that qualify you to perform a typical Blockchain Project Manager role.

If you have plenty of work experience, keep this section brief – if not, add lots of detail to make up for your lack of experience.


Additional information

At the end of your resume, you can add any extra information that might be relevant to the jobs you are applying for.

This could be hobbies, interests, publications, clubs or memberships.

This section is optional and doesn’t need to be added if you have nothing more relevant to add.


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Writing your own winning Blockchain Project Manager resume

Following the steps in this guide will help you to create a winning Blockchain Project Manager resume and bag lots of interviews.

Good luck with your job search!