Outplacement services and support UK

Outplacement services and support UK

StandOut CV's Outplacement services are here to support businesses and individuals through redundancies and other forms of job loss across the UK.


What are outplacement services?

Outplacement is the support of staff who are exiting a business (often due to redundancies) by helping them to prepare for the job market and improve their ability to secure a suitable new role.

Outplacement is often delivered via a mixture of talks, workshops and resources in group or one-to-one sessions.


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What does StandOut CV’s outplacement service include?

We deliver fresh, modern and informative sessions to equip individuals with everything they need to land a new role in today’s job market.

StandOut CV’s outplacement service will be tailored towards each client’s specific needs but will generally include the following elements:


CV writing sessions

CV writing session

An effective CV is the foundation of any job hunt, so we ensure that all of our outplacement clients are given the right guidance and tools to create an interview-winning CV through the following methods:

  • Interactive CV feedback sessions
  • CV writing presentations from the UK’s leading CV writing service
  • Professional CV templates for attendants to take home
  • Examples of effective CVs from relevant industries


Job market preparation 

Job Hunt Session

When redundancies are made, long term staff with no recent exposure to the modern job market can often find it difficult to adapt.

StandOut CV’s outplacement service includes job hunting advice sessions to guide clients through the many channels of tracking down opportunities.

Sessions include but are not limited to

  • LinkedIn training – creating an attractive searchable profile and networking
  • Job applications, cover letters and speculative approaches
  • Lists of leading job websites and recruitment agencies


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Interview training

Interview Coaching

Interviews are the final hurdle in the job hunting process and can often be the most challenging. So we equip our service participants with everything they need to ace the interview and secure their new position.

  • Tailored interview preparation plan
  • Common interview question practices
  • Mock interview sessions
  • Salary negotiations
  • Overcoming nerves and stress


Outplacement take-home resources


To complement  our outplacement sessions we also provide participants with a take home resource pack via email which includes:

  • Professional CV templates and examples
  • Cover letter and LinkedIn networking templates
  • Interview guide and practice questions
  • List of targeted job websites and recruitment agencies
  • Job application tracker spreadsheet
  • 20 common interview questions
  • Template interview follow-up emails


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Who delivers StandOut CV’s outplacement services?

StandOut CV’s outplacement services are delivered by Director Andrew Fennell and  senior consultant Jonathon Lewis.


Andrew Fennelll

Andrew Fennell

StandOut CV’s Director with an extensive commercial recruitment background having recruited for some of the biggest brands in the UK.



Andrew writes careers advice for the following mainstream media outlets and job websites.

The Guardian     CV Library      University of London

 Read Andrew's Guardian career advice column


Andrew has delivered outplacement services to a wide range of businesses including CV writing, interview coaching and job hunt strategy training.



Jonathan Lewis

Jonathan Lewis

As StandOut CV’s lead outplacement consultant, Jonathan has a wealth of commercial recruitment experience having ran his own recruitment business for a number of years. Jonathan has recruited across multiple sectors for a number of leading organisations.

Jonathan clients


Jonathan’s expertise include but are not limited to, CV review and writing, LinkedIn optimisation and networking, interview coaching and salary negotiation.


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What do our clients say?


Anne Turner

"In the wake of some rather unfortunate redundancies, StandOut CV came to one of our offices and delivered a really good talk on job hunting and CV writing to those people leaving the firm.. They also provided all attendees with a pack of CV templates and other practical resources.  Everybody found the talk really helpful and along with the pack and felt that StandOut CV really prepared them for today's job market"
Anne Turner
Loot Magazine



Steve Gowers
“We regularly engage StandOut CV to provide outplacement and interview coaching sessions in times of staff redundancies within our client schools. They always receive glowing feedback from all attendees and really help them in finding new roles.”
Stephen Gowers
Managing Director
Education Dreams



Outplacement service pricing

StandOut CV’s outplacement service is specially tailored to each individual or business we work with, so contact us today and one of outplacement specialists will call you to discuss your specific requirements and design a package that’s right for you or your business.


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How to bounce back from redundancy in 5 steps

Although still a fairly uncommon occurrence in the UK, redundancies still affect around 5 workers in every thousand. Redundancy can be a very troubling experience, as anyone who has been through it will confirm, but it needn’t be the end of the world. With the right preparation and approach you can minimise the negative impact of job loss and transition seamlessly into a new role.

If you have recently been made redundant use the following 5 steps to land your next job.

Bounce back from redundancy


Understand your entitlements

Once you know that you are being made redundant, ensure that you know exactly how the process will unfold and what you are entitled to by speaking with your employer and checking your contract.

  • What will your notice period be?
  • Are you entitled to any redundancy payment?
  • Has your employer committed to support you in finding a new role?


Know your value

Do some research into your profession and find out your value on the job market. Trawl the job boards and speak to recruiters to find out:

  • Which of your skills and experience are in high demand?
  • Which firms are employing in your field?
  • What sort of salary can you expect to achieve?


Update your CV

Your CV is your number 1 marketing tool in your quest to land a new role, so ensure that it will make a big first impression.

  • Format and structure your CV to look professional and read easily
  • Highlight in-demand skills to catch recruiters attention
  • Prove your value with impressive achievements backed up by facts and figures


Promote yourself

If you want to land plenty of suitable job opportunities, you must promote yourself relentlessly on the job market.

  • Apply for plenty of jobs and upload your CV to CV databases
  • Network on LinkedIn and ask for recommendations
  • Meet industry specific recruiters and build relationships


Get interview ready

Job interviews are the final hurdle in the job hunting process so it pays to be ready if you want to secure the job offer.

  • Understand your suitability for your target roles and prepare to sell yourself
  • Practice answering common interview questions
  • Ensure that your wardrobe is stocked with a smart interview outfit


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