Is your CV ready for the job market?

Is your CV ready?

Is your CV good enough to start landing interviews today?

Your CV is the absolute foundation of your job hunt so if it isn't up to scratch; I'd recommend spending some time perfecting it.

But how do you know if your CV is ready for the job market?

Use these 2 quick checks to make sure your CV has potential 

1. Can you instantly see that you are suitable?

Imagine you were a recruiter reading your CV for the first time.

When you take the first glance at your CV, can you instantly tell that you are a good fit for your target jobs?

If not, then you will need to make some changes... Otherwise, your CV will probably be skipped over.

You need to let recruiters know that you have the right skills within seconds of opening your CV.

To do this, just ensure that the most important candidate requirements for your target jobs are highlighted at the top of your CV. 


CV Top Quarter


Scan through the job adverts, pull out the most frequently occurring skills and knowledge, and ensure that they are shown abundantly at the top of your CV. 

And remember to keep the CV short and sweet.

Recruiters don't have time to read a 7 page CV, so try to keep it close to 2 pages.



2. Does your CV pass the leaflet test?

Your CV is almost like a leaflet for your services as an employee - you use it to advertise yourself to potential clients.

Now, think about all the leaflets you receive from local businesses every week... takeaways, estate agents etc.

Do you stop and read every word of every leaflet? Probably not.

You will scan through them quickly and usually be quite ruthless about the ones you throw away.


Unprofessional formatting... Thrown away

Poor wording... Thrown away

Boring.... Thrown away 


A leaflet has to be pretty much perfect and highly relevant before you even consider reading it.

Recruiters go through CVs in their inbox in much the same way that you read leaflets; they expect perfection and they don't tolerate mistakes.


Recruiter reading CVs


Do you have different fonts and text sizes all over the place?
They will skip past your CV


Does your language sound informal and basic?
They will skip past your CV


Your CV needs to look flawlessly professional if you want it to be taken seriously by recruiters.

It's not good enough to have an "OK" CV in today's job market, you need to have an exceptional CV to be successful.

If your CV looks messy or sloppy at all, recruiters will doubt your professionalism and be very reluctant to short list you.

So make sure that:

  • Your CV is professionally formatted, looks visually pleasing and is easy to navigate and read.
  • Your sentences are well structured with professional language and perfect grammar. If you worry that your written English is not strong, you can use a free grammar checking tool like Grammarly to correct any mistakes
  • There isn't one mistake on your CV that could cause anybody to doubt you.


Check your CV now

Put yourself in the recruiter's shoes and give yourself an honest review of your CV.

Does it pass the 2 tests above?


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