Executive CV writing service

Executive CV writing service

As an executive, it is crucial to have an effective professional CV that gets you noticed by the best employers and wins plenty of interviews for you.

But when you have a long and accomplished career, it can be difficult to squeeze all of your experience on to two pages of A4.

Although you probably know the message you want to convey with your CV, some of the more tedious technicalities of CV writing can be slightly perplexing.

You may be wondering...


What is the best format and structure for an executive CV?

How long should my CV be?

What are the most sought after executive skills?

What should I omit from my CV?

How do I demonstrate soft skills?


Often it pays to invest in some professional help to blend your valuable executive experience with the recruitment expertise of a CV specialist.


CV writing service


How our CV writing service works

At StandOut CV, our dedicated team of professional CV writers work closely with executives of all levels to create interview-winning CVs across multiple industries.


Start with a free CV review or conversation

CV consultation

Before you make any commitments, speak to one of our friendly consultants to review your current CV and discuss your requirements.

They will highlight the strengths and weaknesses in your CV and show you how it could be improved to win more interviews in your chosen field.

If you don’t have a CV already, don’t worry. We can also help you create one from scratch.


Your CV consultation

CV consultation

Once you’ve placed your order, we will pair you with one of our experienced CV writers and will always match you with somebody who has previous experience recruiting in your industry.

Your writer will then contact you to conduct an in-depth consultation consisting of a thorough telephone conversation and email questions.

This consultation process allows us to understand:

  1. Your background, work history and achievements
  2. Your target roles and employers

Once we have gathered this information, we are ready to start writing your new CV.


Writing your executive CV

Delivering your CV

Your writer will create your new CV from scratch within 2 working days, focusing on the following aspects:

  • A slick professional format that creates a powerful executive impression
  • An effective structure that is easy for busy recruiters and hiring managers to read
  • Highlighting of your valuable skills, knowledge and experience
  • Tailoring to your target market of employers to ensure maximum appeal
  • Proving your high level impact with impressive quantifiable achievements

Your writer will then share your CV with you for your review and make any revisions you may require until you are 100% happy with the final document.


CV writing service


Our customers leave great reviews for us

Due to our dedication to customer service and the results we achieve with our CVs, our customers have been kind enough to leave us some great reviews. Check them out on our Facebook page.


  • Andrew is good at what he does. I was impressed with the expediency of the whole process; from him reviewing my CV, providing feedback and producing the polished finished product. Thank you Andrew.

    Rosie Williams
  • StandOut CV really lives up to its name! It was a pleasure working with Jonathan. What I liked was that we could have phone conversation initially, that helped a lot to explain my background, achievments etc. In the end, I've to emphasize the outstanding service & the fact that it only took 3 days. Well worth the money!

    Terje Bohn
  • I would definitely recommend StandOut CV. I felt that Jonathan was extremely professional and helpful. To actually be able to speak to someone who knows what he is doing and give excellent advice. I felt that he listened and really tired to understand my experience. I definitely feel it has been money well spent

    Gemma Moore
  • Andrew re-wrote my CV some time ago now and I haven't been applying for jobs. However, I saw a great job come up and I applied with my new CV. This shortlisted me for interview out of lots of people and then I got the job! Andrew's work is excellent, he really knows how you put you in your best light.

    Liz Beesley
  • Fantastic service and content! Andrew was patient with me, understood my background and provided a great product. Minor amendments and tweaks were performed with no hesitation and I would genuinely recommend them.

    Milena Murry
  • Excellent service from Nicolette. She was experienced in my field of work (IT contracting). I had a telephone chat that lasted well over an hour where we went through my cv in detail. Within two days I had a draft CV cut down from four pages to a much more focused two pages and the day after I had my linked-in profile and covering letter. I am extremely pleased Highly recommended. .

    Tim Hook

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What makes a good executive CV?

Good executive CV

In order to land interviews for executive roles, your CV needs to prove your ability to lead a business (or large business area) to sustainable success.



Whether you are a CEO, managing director or any other form of executive professional, your CV should include demonstrations of the following capabilities:

  • Strategic planning and driving long term company growth
  • Business development on a large scale
  • Reporting directly to shareholders and board members
  • Controlling large budgets and minimising spending
  • Building and maintaining an effective management team


Metrics and achievements


Including skills and responsibilities in your CV is great, but in a results-driven role it’s even more important to show quantifiable achievements to prove your value.


As an executive, you should be showing employers key metrics such as:

  • Company growth: which can be demonstrated in numerous ways such as market share increase, headcount growth, turnover, geographical advancements etc.
  • Finances: Most employers will expect to see some strong evidence of financial achievements in an executive CV, so it’s vital to include figures such as turnover, profit, margin increases etc.
  • Efficiency: Cutting back on resource wastage is crucial in business, so any example of impressive savings you have made in terms of money, time or resources should be highlighted.


You will probably have further metrics to include in your role descriptions depending on your role and industry, but these are a good base to work from.

If you would like to engage our support in writing your executive CV, please get in touch today.


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