4 Common skills that look great on any CV

4 common CV skills

When writing a CV, we often we tend to think that the more weird and wonderful skills will make the best impression.

However this isn’t always the case.

Employers are frequently looking for those essential skills that many candidates think are too boring to mention.

So I’ve put together a list of 4 common yet underrated skills that employers love, and will help to make your CV shine

And the best thing about these skills is… They don’t require any formal training and you probably already have them.

But remember, it’s not enough to simply mention these skills on your CV, you have to show how you can apply them in the workplace.


Problem solving

Problem Solving

Businesses regularly face problems that threaten the smooth running of their operations, so the ability to solve such problems is of huge value on the job market.

Managers want to hire employees who can be left to work on their own initiative, and deal with problems swiftly as they arise – without needing to ask for help constantly.

But writing “I am a problem solver” on your CV, will not be enough to prove that you are one.

You need to provide some solid examples of your problem solving abilities within your CV.

Ideally you should structure every example in the following way, to ensure it is fully understood.


problem solving


Here are some examples of problem solving mentioned within CV role descriptions:


  • "Investigated computer virus to discover root cause and implemented recovery plan to return business systems to operation within 2 hours."


  • "Following a 20% reduction in repeat business, I planned and delivered an email campaign to re-connect with non-active customers – resulting in 25 unit sales."


  • "Re-designed failing debt collection process to recover 50% of aged debt and speed up collection by an average of 2 weeks."


Note: It is helpful to use numbers to give readers the size and scale of your problem solving abilities.



Customer service

Customer Service

Good old fashioned customer service is still hugely important – no matter what level you work at.

The majority of companies rely on customers to buy from them in order to stay in business - so they need employees who are comfortable dealing with customers in a professional manner.

And even if you don’t work in a customer-facing role, you will still need to interact with internal customers such as your line manager and other people who you report to.

Employers need to be confident that they can trust you with their customers and stakeholders, so it always pays to include evidence of your customer service skills in your CV

You can demonstrate customer service skills in your profile:



And you can demonstrate customer service skills in your role descriptions

CV roles


It also helps to explain the types of individuals you are used to working with.


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Team work

Team work

The ability to work within a team is hugely important to employers.

Most jobs will require you to work alongside colleagues towards company-wide objectives, so you need to show that you can collaborate with others and get things done.

But it’s not good enough to write I am a great team player”

Again, you need to prove your ability to work within teams with solid examples.

Your role descriptions give you a great opportunity to show where you sat within previous teams and how you interact with your colleagues.


Customer roles


Teamwork also displays a multitude of other talents including communication, leadership, patience, diplomacy, people skills and more…



Hard work

Hard work

There is no substitute for hard work.

But how exactly do you show recruiters that you’re hard working in your CV?

The best way is to write about your impressive achievements

Add them to your role descriptions like below, to show the results of all your hard work:




Use numbers where possible to really quantify your value.



Try adding one or more of these skills to your CV and you should see a positive effect in the number of responses you receive.

Remember to always use proof and examples as opposed to simply stating that you have the skills.


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