1 Simple trick to get your CV noticed

One Simple trick to get your CV notices

As a job hunter you want to make sure that your CV gets noticed right?

So what's the easiest way to make your CV stand out amongst all the other CVs in a recruiter's inbox?

I'll tell you... it's the subject line in your email.

Why did you open this email? Because the subject line offered a solution to your problem... 

So offer recruiters a solution to their problem and they will open your email and then your CV - simple.


So what is a recruiter’s problem?

He or she needs somebody with specific skills to fill their job vacancy... So solve their problem with your subject line.

Instead of boring them with the job reference number they've seen a thousand times in your subject line - try giving them what they are looking for, like below;


Subject: Microsoft qualified IT support specialist


Subject: Motivated graduate with a first class history degree


Subject: Project Manager with 5 years public sector experience


Here's how it will stand out in a recruiter's inbox:

Email Subject Line


But you may be thinking "what if I'm applying via a job website?"

A lot of job websites will display the recruiter's email address on their job adverts – so send a direct email instead of using the site's messaging system.

If you can't see an email address on the advert, then apply through the website and you should receive a confirmation email which includes the recruiter's email address. 

Save the email address and then if you don't hear back from them in a few days - follow up via email using a subject like the ones above.

Try adding this quick tip to your job search, to ensure that your CV gets noticed and more recruiters respond to you.


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