Marketing assistant job description

Marketing assistants work alongside marketing executives and managers to deliver campaigns that promote a product, service or idea.

Assisting with tasks such as writing copy, posting on social media and attending events, they are a vital part of ensuring campaigns run efficiently.

This detailed guide covers everything you need to know about marketing assistants, including a full job description for the role plus the skills required, typical employers and expected salary.


Guide contents

  • Marketing assistant job description
  • How much do marketing assistants earn?
  • What does a marketing assistant do?
  • Requirements, skills and qualifications
  • Who employs marketing assistants?
  • Which junior jobs progress to marketing assistant roles?



Marketing assistant job description

Marketing Assistant | FruitCrate


About FruitCrate

FruitCrate is a weekly food subscription box delivering seasonal fruit and veg to households across the UK. By only using organic, high-quality produce and working with sustainable suppliers, FruitCrate is equal parts ethical and delicious.


About the role

We are looking to hire an organised and hardworking marketing assistant to work on campaigns to grow our UK subscriber base. The successful candidate will support our marketing executive and manager by helping to implement our marketing strategy — making this an ideal role for anyone looking to start a career in marketing.



  • Assisting on campaigns and adhering to marketing strategy set out by marketing managers and executives
  • Attending and helping to organise promotional events at key locations across the UK
  • Writing copy across all digital channels including social media, website, newsletter and press releases
  • Researching target audience by inputting survey and questionnaire results to pinpoint demographics and adapt campaigns accordingly
  • Ensuring our customer details are correct and up-to-date by regularly reviewing and updating our CRM
  • Assisting with ad-hoc office tasks including answering emails and calls and ordering materials for campaigns


Location & commitments

  • Permanent, full-time position based at our head office in London
  • 40 hours per week, Monday-Friday
  • Occasional overtime required to meet project deadlines
  • UK based travel required to events and conferences from time to time


Candidate requirements


  • Some understanding of digital and traditional marketing channels (PPC, search, SEO, etc)
  • Familiarity with the UK fruit and veg delivery service market
  • Strong copywriting and editing skills
  • Strong adaptability and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent organisational skills and astute attention to detail
  • Knowledge of social media channels
  • The ability to work both independently and as part of a team


  • Qualification in Business, Marketing or a related subject
  • Previous office experience preferably in the marketing industry


Contact us to apply

If you’d like to join our team, email your CV and a short cover letter to our recruitment manager Chris Jackson at, explaining why you’re perfect for the role.


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How much do marketing assistants earn?

For an entry-level role, marketing assistants earn a reasonable salary, averaging at around £25,000.

Marketing assistant salaries in the UK

  • Low: £22,000
  • Average: £25,000
  • High: £27,000

Source: TotalJobs


Marketing assistant salaries vary depending on various factors, including:

  • The industry of the employer – e.g. does the marketing assistant work in travel, charity, electronics etc.
  • Type of marketing – is the marketing executive working in digital marketing or a traditional form of marketing eg print or PR
  • Company size – is the company a small local business or a multinational corporation?
  • General salary factors – including level of candidate experience, qualifications and location

For example, a graduate marketing assistant working for an agency in London would likely earn more than a school leaver without a degree, working for a local company.

These figures are averages and have been compiled from job advert samples. They don’t take into account other job benefits, such as holiday allowance, overtime and bonuses.


What does a marketing assistant do?

Though exact responsibilities will depend on the industry, a typical marketing assistant job description will probably involve the following:

  • Supporting campaigns – Following and delivering campaigns set out by marketing executives and marketing managers
  • Planning and attending events – Assisting with planning marketing events to promote brand and product/service to prospective and current clients, delivering presentations at events
  • Research and analytics – Conducting audience research via questionnaires and surveys, organising responses and dividing them into groups based on demographics and interests
  • Social media management – Creating and posting social media content on various channels at regular, specified intervals following a content calendar
  • Writing copy – Generating copy for company blog posts, social media posts, newsletters and external articles using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to achieve the best results
  • Updating CRM – Ensuring the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database is up to date with customer and client details
  • Ad hoc support – Providing support to the wider marketing team by helping with ad hoc tasks such as general office admin



What do marketing assistants need?

candidate requirements

Marketing assistant roles are generally entry-level and are accessible to both graduates and non-graduates.

Exact requirements will depend on the position and area of marketing, but in general, here is what is needed:



Junior MA jobs are usually open to anyone, including graduates and secondary school leavers looking for their first job. Some employers may ask for previous marketing experience — such as an internship or summer job in marketing.

Senior MA jobs often ask for the above in addition to experience as a junior marketing assistant. They are also more likely to specify formal marketing qualifications like a degree or diploma as essential, rather than desirable.


Marketing assistant skills

Strong transferable skills in the below areas are vital for candidates looking to land a role as a marketing assistant:

  • Communication: Excellent written and verbal communication across all mediums and with all relevant people
  • Presentation skills: The ability to deliver presentations confidently and coherently in front of large groups of people
  • Organisation: Balancing various tasks or campaigns at once and knowing which to prioritise
  • Teamwork: The ability to work closely and collaborate on campaigns with a larger team including more senior team members
  • Working under pressure: Maintaining focus and remaining calm in an environment with tight deadlines where overtime may often be required
  • Attention to detail: Paying close attention when writing and updating contact details to ensure accuracy
  • Adaptability: The ability to adapt to unforeseen changes in campaigns to maximise their efficacy

These harder, more marketing-specific skills are also a huge bonus:

  • Copywriting: Great command of English and excellent grammar, as well as a basic understanding of SEO
  • Knowledge of marketing channels: Some familiarity with both traditional and digital marketing channels including PPC and search


Marketing assistant qualifications

Normally, a marketing assistant role doesn’t require any qualifications. However, holding a certificate, diploma or other award in marketing can give candidates a significant advantage, and better prepare them for the workplace. These awards can also lead to faster career progression.

In addition to good GCSEs and A-Levels, the following qualifications can help candidates flourish in a marketing assistant role:



The Chartered Institute of Marketing is the world’s leading professional marketing body, operating 130 learning centres in 36 countries worldwide. It offers online and face-to-face marketing courses across various areas categorised by level of difficulty.

The key CIM qualifications suitable for marketing assistants are:

Candidates can continue to study certificates at higher difficulties as they progress through their career.



The Institute of Data and Marketing offers qualifications with a focus on digital marketing, as well as those specialising in social media, copywriting, SEO and more. These awards are most useful for marketing assistants working in the digital sector with more than 18 months of experience.

They include the following qualifications:


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Although not essential, possessing a degree in marketing, business, economics or a similar subject can show an extra level of knowledge and dedication, setting candidates ahead of the competition. Marketing assistants working in industrial marketing may find a science or tech degree is an advantage.


What is expected of marketing assistants?

Marketing assistants are typically expected to commit to the following:

  • Full time hours – Usually Monday to Friday and following a 9-5 hour pattern or similar
  • Fast-paced work – Marketing assistants should expect a busy schedule with various tasks, deadlines and events to balance at once
  • Location – Usually based in an office with some working from home opportunities potentially available for more experienced candidates
  • Occasional travel Occasional travel to events may be required, depending on the industry


Marketing assistant benefits

Although benefits for an entry-level role will be limited, marketing assistants can expect to receive some of the following:

  • Pension
  • Holiday allowance
  • Travel opportunities
  • Sociable office culture



Who employs marketing assistants?


As marketing is an essential part of almost every business, marketing assistants are always in high demand across the UK.

From luxury consumer goods, to essential public sector services, to not for profit charities, marketing assistant roles span a wide range of industries depending on the product, service or idea marketed.

Full-service marketing, digital or PR agencies also make up a significant proportion of employers. These are external companies, as opposed to in-house teams, who provide marketing services for another brand.

Employers include but are not exclusive to companies in these sectors:

  • Marketing agencies – Companies who provide outsourced marketing services to other businesses
  • Digital
  • Food and drink
  • Electronics
  • Utilities
  • Automotive
  • Entertainment
  • Media
  • Travel
  • Charity


Which junior jobs progress to marketing assistant roles?

As an entry-level role, marketing assistants are usually hired straight after graduating or leaving school. However, there are some positions they can work in beforehand to progress into the role:


Marketing intern

Marketing interns usually work on placements either during or after studying. They provide support to marketing teams by undertaking admin tasks such as answering emails, taking calls and updating spreadsheets and databases. They may also contribute to copywriting, social media and assisting with campaigns — giving them a useful insight into how a marketing campaign works.

Social media assistant

A social media assistant provides support to senior marketing professionals by scheduling and posting content on the company’s social media channels, as well as sometimes writing other copy such as blog posts or email marketing. This role is usually suitable for school leavers or graduates who are well-versed in using current social media channels and platforms.


Which senior jobs do marketing assistants progress to?


The role of marketing assistant can prepare professionals for a lucrative marketing career. Future positions include, but are not limited to:


Marketing executive

Marketing executives play a more crucial part in marketing campaigns and usually have more opportunity for creative input. They also will write a more substantial proportion of the company’s copy and may be involved in designing and implementing ads, taking the lead in events management and sourcing business opportunities.

Marketing manager

Marketing managers are usually the most senior person working on an individual campaign. They are also responsible for more general team management, such as managing staff and overseeing the company’s marketing budget.


Marketing assistant job description – conclusion

Exciting, challenging and relatively well paid for an entry-level role, marketing assistants can expect to get a lot of job satisfaction out of this highly in-demand position.

By providing crucial support to senior team members on campaigns, marketing assistants are an essential component of any marketing team. The skills and experience they learn can help them progress into a fruitful career in marketing.

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