CV of Richard Branson

When it comes to inspirational figures, there aren’t many better than self-made, British born entrepreneur Richard Branson.

As founder of the Virgin Group, investor, philanthropist and world-record holder, Branson has achieved a great deal in both his work and personal life. We’ve put together an infographic CV showing Branson’s life from early entrepreneurial promise, right through to global business domination.


CV of Richard Branson

Quick Facts

Born – 1950 – Blackheath London

At 10 years old – invested £5 in Christmas tree seeds but, they were eaten by rabbits before he could sell them as trees

At 16 Branson’s headmaster told him “I predict you will either go to prison or become a millionaire”

1966 – Launched The Student Magazine from a friend’s basement – interviewing stars such as Mick Jagger

1970 – Uses The Student as platform to sell music records by mail order which allowed him to provide considerably lower prices than high street stores

1971 – Opened his first record store on Oxford Street, London

1972 – Launched Virgin Records and brought a country estate in Oxford which he turned into recording studio for fledgling artists

1979 – Purchased Necker Island (British Virgin Islands) for $180,000 where he now resides

1984 – Launched Virgin Airways

1992 – Sold Virgin Records to EMI for £500 million

1993 – Launched Virgin Trains

1999 – Launched Virgin Mobile

2004 – Launched Virgin Galactic to bring commercial space travel to paying customers

2004 – Broke the world record for the fastest crossing of the English Channel in an amphibious vehicle in 1hr and 40 mins

2006 – Landed a cameo role in James Bond Casino Royale where he can be seen passing through customs in Miami Airport

2006 – Reported as ninth Richest person in UK in Sunday Times rich list with an estimated fortune of £3 billion