5 Ways to Boost your Job Hunt Success on LinkedIn

January 11 2016, 0 Comments

LinkedIn Advice

So you've signed up to LinkedIn, created your profile and connected with a few work colleagues… But the job offers aren’t exactly flooding in yet. 

There’s still a bit more work to be done yet, but if you’re willing to invest a little time and effort; the actionable steps below can transform your profile into a very helpful job hunting tool.

1. Build Your Network

In order to get the most from LinkedIn; you need to make as many valuable connections as possible. 

Search for people in your industry and ask to connect with people who you feel building a relationship with could be mutually beneficial. 

Typical connections could be senior figures in relevant businesses or recruitment consultants in your niche. 

When asking to connect with people; don’t just use the generic automatically generated connection message. 

You will find more success if you add a personalised note explaining why you want to connect and how your connection could benefit the other person. 

The more connections you make, the more opportunities you will open yourself up to and the more exposure you will gain across your industry.

2. Add a Professional Photo

Having a photo on your profile helps you connect with others as people find it easier to trust you and build a relationship with you when they can see your face. 

However, a photo from a drunken night out or an awkward looking selfie on your webcam won’t exactly set the right tone for a professional networking site. 

Use a photo that oozes professionalism; make sure you’re wearing suitable clothing (think work, job interview or client meeting attire) and get somebody else to take the photo for you with a clutter free background.

3. Get Recommendations

Having a peer or ex-boss write something good about you is ten times more powerful than something you have written yourself.  

When shopping online, you will often look for positive reviews of a company before making a purchase – why? Because you want reassurance of their reputation before investing your money in their product or service. 

The same is true of recruiters when searching for candidates; they want to see some proof of the claims that you make in your profile. 

So reach out to as many colleagues as possible (the more senior, the better) and ask them to recommend you.   Some may need a bit of chasing and some may even need some persuasion, so offer them something in return such as a return recommendation or even a lunch on you :)

4. Get Endorsements

Endorsements allow other people to endorse you for particular skill sets (sales, management etc.) via a scoring system which highlights your most recognised skills and they are much easier to obtain than recommendations. 

Make sure you add all of your relevant skills in the Skills & Endorsements section and then select “Yes” to the option “I want to be endorsed” and tick the box for “Include me in endorsement suggestions to my connections”. 

Now you will automatically appear in connections’ news feeds, suggesting them to endorse you and should start to see the endorsements roll in pretty quickly. 

After a while you should start to build a good list of endorsements from others which is another way of giving recruiters reason to believe in your skills.

5. Search LinkedIn for Jobs

Although LinkedIn is predominantly a networking site; people often forget that it also advertises thousands of jobs every day. 

So make sure you regularly search for roles and connect with relevant job posters to stay on their radar for future opportunities.

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