How much is your CV worth?

Andrew Fennell Andrew Fennell

Your CV is one of the most important documents you will ever write, but how much is it actually worth to you?

If you were to write a new CV today, what earning potential could it unlock for you?

We took the UK’s average industry salaries from Reed and multiplied them by the average time you are likely to spend with your next employer (4.6 years according to the BLS) to calculate the monetary value you can place on your CV.

Find your industry and experience level in the infographic below to discover how much your CV is worth.

How much is your CV worth infographic


Maximise your CV potential

Your CV is an extremely valuable tool which can be worth several hundred thousand pounds in some industries.

If you’re looking to make a career move, then it’s worth investing some serious time and effort in the creation of your next CV.

In order to impress recruiters and land interviews for the best jobs on the market, your CV needs to look professional and communicate your relevant talents quickly.


Some quick CV Tips

  • Research the job market before you start writing or updating your CV to find out what skills and knowledge your target employers are looking for.
  • Create a clean and easy to read structure so that your CV can be navigated effortlessly by busy recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Keep your CV to around 2 pages in length – busy employers don’t often have time to wade through lengthy CVs.
  • Focus on communicating your hard factual skills and avoid cliches and buzzwords.
  • Show your impact by demonstrating the effects of your input on previous employers.
  • Use facts and figures to quantify your achievements where possible.

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